BeerAdvocate magazine #46

Your Beer Is Boring! Beer Smack by

We’re so damn frustrated with the vast majority of restaurants that strive to offer quality service, food, wine, spirits and cocktails, but let their beer selection fall flat.

Beer News News by

Have brewpub, will travel; beer designed for zero-gravity consumption; deep-fried beer makes its sizzling debut; and world’s oldest (drinkable) beer found in Baltic Sea.

When Size Matters Unfiltered by

Many great breweries started on an extremely small scale, and there are many nanos that make quality beers. But as with many homebrews, there is no replacing professionally brewed beers.

In Praise of Ordinary Lunatics The Politics of Beer by

The race to become the first person ever to try, record, describe and rate 20,000 different beers is heating up.

Mortgage-Killer Brewday BYOB by

Thirty years is a tall order for many wines protected by sulfites, alcohol and acidity, let alone a beer.

Chuck Silva of Green Flash Brewing Company Going Pro by

The Green Flash Brewing Company brewmaster touts his wide stylistic résumé—he cranks out Stouts, Belgians and barrel-aged oddities. At the same time, he says, he knows where demand in the craft market is going, and he’s more than happy to help lead the way.

Asian Lager: A Great Leap Backward Style Profile by

The stuff they’re drinking today throughout the region is a pale, light-bodied, mostly uninteresting industrial brew that’s known roughly as Asian lager.

Musical Beers Innovation by

Coupled with the bottles, a six-pack of Tuned Pale Ale is a whole music-making kit—with beer.

Thanksgiving Halfway Around the World Cooking with Beer by

These international twists on Turkey Day staples include a pistachio and Apricot Ale couscous stuffing and an orange enoki mushroom sauce made with Tripel.

Brau Brothers Brewing Company From the Source by

Brau Brothers Brewing Company has been keeping Lucan and the rest of southwest Minnesota well-lubricated since 2006, and now this 15-barrel, family-owned brewery is making a name for Lucan by distributing beer to five states.

From the Brewery to You Feature by

Over the years, brewers have come up with four basic types of packaging—casks, bottles, kegs and cans. Each type of package protects beer in different ways, and can cause the beer to taste quite different.

Louisville Destinations by

When you throw high and low culture in a bag, douse it in bourbon and shake it around a bit, good things tend to come out. The city has vibrant arts and music scenes, and a level of comfort with folks on the fringes. All of which makes it a fine place to pause and tip back a pint.

The Craft Beer Movement Last Call by

Suzanne Schalow and Kate Baker of Belmont’s Craft Beer Cellar are proud to be part of the growing craft beer movement.