BeerAdvocate magazine #50

There’s No Growth Without Critique Beer Smack by

It’s our duty as BeerAdvocates to criticize the entire beer industry, not just the mass-producers of the world, and anyone who claims to care about the beer industry should be doing the same.

Beer News News by

Brewers Association definition of “craft brewer” scales up; Oregon brewing legend Don Younger passes away; and Texas tries to achieve brewpub-friendly legislation.

A New Era of Beer Writing Unfiltered by

For those of us who write about beer for a living, we need to do more. We need to write about people and place as much as we do about product.

Being Fundamentally Misguided The Politics of Beer by

At times of rapid change, people crave rules. For many British beer drinkers, it is a definition of good beer devised in innocence a few decades ago, when we worshipped yeast.

Madam, I’m Adam BYOB by

So potent was Adam that upon arriving in Dortmund, the famously hard-drinking Frederick William IV, king of Prussia, downed a giant mug (or mugs) of beer and passed out for a full day.

Tom Baker of Earth Bread + Brewery Going Pro by

At his environmentally conscious Philadelphia brewpub, Earth Bread + Brewery, guest taps outnumber Baker’s own beers by nearly two to one. That way, customers looking for an American IPA can drink somebody else’s, and Baker’s taps are free for his more unusual and experimental beers.

Faro: Belgium’s Original “Sweet-tart” Style Profile by

In its heyday, Faro was the go-to drink of Belgium. It was light and refreshing, and, the French notwithstanding, a pleasant respite.

Bottoms Up Nixes Beer Lines Innovation by

With a couple of people helping to move beers out of the way more quickly, the dispenser recently set a World Record—breaking its own record—by filling 56 pints in a minute.

Sauerkraut: Another Fermentation Cooking with Beer by

Sauerkraut is easy to make, and any lover of sour beers will enjoy the flavor it can bring to a dish or meal. Here are a few recipes that use sauerkraut, and one recipe for making it from scratch.

Nantahala Brewing Company From the Source by

North Carolina is bursting with new breweries and craft beer revolutionaries who have found a safe haven for their creativity amongst the more restrictive Southern states, yet through close attention to detail, Chris Collier has found a way to stand out from the rest.

Expanding the Palette: Engineering the Future of Hops Feature by

In addition to their bittering, flavor, and aroma properties, hops help stabilize beer foam, kill unwanted bacteria, and, according to some studies, impart body-boosting antioxidants. Future breeds might bring an entire revolution to the brewing industry.

Flagstaff, Arizona Destinations by

Visitors find a walkable college town with crisp, fresh air and a vibe that’s simultaneously urbane and outdoorsy—more hippie than yuppie. So it’s no surprise that Flagstaff is a big beer town, with a scene that’s still on the rise.

Shane Welch, Founder and Brewmaster, Sixpoint Craft Ales Last Call by

Ask Shane Welch a hypothetical question, and enjoy the ride—the founder of Brooklyn’s SixPoint Craft Ales is most comfortable playing in the world of ideas.