BeerAdvocate magazine #51

Market Sacrifice, A-B and Goose Island Living Together… Mass Hysteria! Beer Smack by

Let’s face it: Beer is business. And those who can’t separate the beer from the business will be in for a very rude awakening in upcoming years, as the industry continues to mature and the natural evolution of business comes into play.

Beer News News by

Illinois breweries fighting to keep right to distribute; Goose Island acquired by A-B InBev; Surly campaigns to change law and build brewery/restaurant; Mexican brewery unveils world’s first beers for the LGBT community; and Indiana state laws may stifle breweries’ growth.

The Good Old Days of Craft Beer Unfiltered by

Craft beer will never be the same again, so enjoy this golden era. Yet, even with the inevitable advance of major change, one thing remains clear: Great, local craft beer isn’t going anywhere.

Much the Same, Thank You The Politics of Beer by

Modern Prague is not a bad experience. On the contrary, it is many times better than it used to be. But I am glad that I was young when I was, and saw different worlds from the one that has become familiar.

Yeast of Eden BYOB by

After a little investigation, I stumbled across a Facebook page for a one-man, one-homebrew shop operation—East Coast Yeast Company.

Todd Ashman of FiftyFifty Brewing Company Going Pro by

Since 2006, Ashman, a barrel aging pioneer, has plied his trade at Truckee’s FiftyFifty Brewing Company. And for the brewer, the barrels are still the draw.

Russian Imperial Stout: The Grandest of All Beer Styles? Style Profile by

Catherine the Great had a passion for the brownest, strongest Porter from London’s great Anchor brewery. It was this ale that would eventually evolve into possibly the grandest of all beer styles.

Roll out the Barrels? Nah! Roll in the Brewpub Innovation by

Brewpub4u is quite possibly the world’s first portable brewpub. On the beer-making side, it features a 100-percent food-grade stainless steel 3.5 barrel brewing system with a 60-gallon kettle.

Turning Cupcakes into Pubcakes Cooking with Beer by

I started playing around with cupcakes and, of course, adding beer spins to some nostalgic flavors. It was then that I actually started to understand the excitement.

Dave’s Brewfarm From the Source by

Better beer was born “outside the box,” and continues to evolve removed from the mainstream today. The result has been an industry of rebels and renegades who defy classification, like David Anderson, who is quietly making curious and interesting beers at Dave’s BrewFarm in Wilson, Wis.

Charitable Brewing Feature by

Brewers and breweries have long done more to benefit society than harm it. In ages when drinking water was often contaminated, brewing was a practical science that provided townspeople with something safe to drink. Centuries later, brewers are still working hard to make a positive impact on their communities.

St. Cloud, Minnesota Destinations by

The university town’s love of beer began more than 150 years ago, in the late 1860s, when seven breweries served a population of about 5,000 in Stearns County.

David Walker, Co-founder, Firestone Walker Brewing Company Last Call by

Well known as one of the most affable guys in the industry, David Walker runs a humble, family-oriented company that just so happens to be pioneering the experimental beer market.