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The 20 Most-Read BeerAdvocate Stories of 2018 News by

The most popular BeerAdvocate stories in 2018 covered a fairly wide range of topics, from the polarizing subject of kids in brewery taprooms, to the best beer pairings for Nashville hot chicken, and a deconstruction of common myths about lager.

The 20 Most-Read BeerAdvocate Stories of 2017 News by

Unsurprisingly, many of the most popular BeerAdvocate stories in 2017 focus on hops, while a nearly equal number of popular stories explored the meaning of “craft beer” as Big Beer continued its aggressive takeovers.

Chocolate Trio: 3 Pairings Table Mates by

Chocolatier David Briggs, known for incorporating savory ingredients like bacon, Parmesan, and olive oil into his bittersweet confections, pairs sweets with a tart wheat, an Imperial IPA, and a Flanders Brown Ale.

Drew Fox of 18th Street Brewery Going Pro by

Three years after opening in Gary, Ind., across the Indiana state line from Chicago, 18th Street Brewery has torched any skeptics with founder Drew Fox’s hard-charging, heavy metal brand of brewing.

Extract This: The Secret to Bitterness Without Muddiness BYOB by

To achieve peak bitterness without green muddiness, this Pliny the Elder clone calls for multiple doses of hop extract.

My Own Oaty Idaho: Homebrewing a 007 Golden Hop Pale Ale BYOB by

A Pale Ale recipe with oats emphasizes the spicy pear and stone fruit aromas of 007 Golden, a new Idaho hop variety.

Lupulin Madness! Beer Smack by

We challenge brewers to stop following this hoppy trend. Become a leader instead. Show us that there’s more to beer than paint-by-number IPAs.

San Diego Bound BYOB by

Brian Trout’s homebrewed DIPA is rich, and coats the tongue with hop flavors; playful, with the mango-pineapple of Citra, and bitter enough to remind you that it means business without being obnoxiously teeth rattling. He calls it a “San Diego Sunset Golden.”

The Futility of Beer Styles Unfiltered by

With little brand loyalty among craft beer consumers, knowing the brewer’s name or even the style seems less important than being drawn in by the creativity of an engaging brand name or story.

Bootlegger’s Brewery From the Source by

Bootlegger’s Brewery, which produces the much-hyped Knuckle Sandwich Double IPA, put out its first keg of beer in April 2008 after Aaron Barkenhagen and his father assembled the previously owned brewhouse equipment and constructed the brewery themselves in order to save money.

Double IPA: San Diego’s Pale Ale Style Profile by

If India Pale Ale gets its name from its legendary ability to withstand the month-long sea voyage from England to Bombay some 200 years ago, what should we call the new breed of super-hoppy American IPAs?

Fall of the Legend BYOB by

Let’s hope that for JL, this return starts like Jordan’s baseball “career” and ends like his perfect championship fadeaway with the Bulls. (Let’s ignore the whole Wizards period.)

Double IPA Shortbread Cookies with Bacon Drippings Cooking with Beer by

These easy-to-make cookies, which can include an IPA or a Double IPA, walk the line between sweet and savory elements for a unique holiday treat.

What Defines a Double IPA? Ask the Beer Geek by

The Beer Geek expounds on the differences between IPA and Double IPA.

Vinnie Cilurzo of Russian River Brewing Company Going Pro by

Ten years ago, Vinnie Cilurzo and his wife, Natalie, brought aggressively hopped beer to the heart of California’s wine country. Since then, they’ve taken Russian River Brewing Company independent, won an unimaginable number of awards and launched a revolutionary line of barrel-aged sour Belgians.

Why We Need Extreme Beer: A Look at a Truly Life-Changing Phenomenon Feature by

There are really only two ways to blow the mind of an experienced, worldly beer drinker: Make a classic style to absolute perfection or make a beer that is unlike anything brewed before.

Hate the Name, Not the Beer Beer Smack by

Who woulda thunk the Extreme Beer movement would actually be the catalyst for a massive boom in American creative brewing?