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Private Equity Firm Invests in Uinta Brewing News by

Uinta Brewing has received a major investment from The Riverside Company, a private equity firm. Uinta founder Will Hamill will remain on as CEO.

20 Percent in 2020. Can It Happen? Beer Smack by

Given craft beer’s fast growth, we could certainly see it reaching 20 percent of the US beer market volume by 2020. However, the support for such volume is a whole other story. In order to reach 20 percent, and maintain it, craft brewers need to start focusing, now.

The Name Game: Trademark Disputes Bubble Over in Craft Beer Feature by

As the number of new breweries—and new beers—continues to surge, trademark disputes aren’t going away. They’re a part of doing business, even when the business is beer.

Changes Coming Faster Unfiltered by

The craft beer industry has long been defined by inventiveness and evolution. It just looks like the pace of change will soon hit dizzying speeds.

Craft Beer Hospitality 2.0 Unfiltered by

Breweries are starting to realize that it’s time to rethink the standard tour they’ve been offering unchanged for years. As breweries remain in a near constant state of expansion, designers are starting to integrate expanded taprooms, beer gardens and community meeting spaces.

The Future of Craft Beer is Here Unfiltered by

Take a good, long last look at the world of craft beer. In five years, 10 years, the craft beer industry won’t look anything like it does now. With the close of the “Extreme Beer Era,” we’re now entering craft beer’s fourth age, one that will be defined by striking sobriety and grownup decision-making.

Growing Pains Beer Smack by

At its current growth rate, there’s more than one small brewery opening every day in the US, with many existing breweries experiencing double- and triple-digit growth.

Highland Brewing Co. Brick & Mortar by

Highland Brewing Co. now encompasses 70,000 square-feet on the eastern edge of Asheville, N.C., quite a step up from the 3,500 square-feet in the downtown basement under Barley’s Pizzeria & Taproom, where the brewery started in 1994.

A New World Order for Craft Unfiltered by

With dozens of breweries now producing more than 100,000 barrels per year and employing dozens if not hundreds of employees, we’re on the precipice of a new era of competitiveness.

Check Your Business Strategy Early and Often The Business of Beer by

From the initial stages of business planning onward, brewery owners are forced to make difficult decisions that affect the direction of their business. Successfully navigating these choices relies upon having a clearly defined vision and strategy.

The Big Business of Little Brewing Feature by

As demand increases in newer markets, microbreweries are at a crossroads: take out large loans and expand, or sell stakes to larger brewers and distributors. Factor in that a generation of craft brewing legends is approaching retirement, and these questions become even more complicated.