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Fort Worth’s beer can house sold; CAMRA launches revitalization project; Brouwerij de Molen sells minority share; and presidential candidates inspire new beers.

Michael Pollan, Author and Journalist Last Call by

While researching his latest book, Cooked: A Natural History of Transformation, food and agriculture journalist Michael Pollan connected the dots from plants to grains, to our favorite victual: beer.

Real Ale, Real Cheap BYOB by

American brewers have made a history of eschewing tradition. Damn the torpedos—more hops, more alcohol, more flavor, more everything. But there are some elements of tradition that maybe we should revive during this holiday season, like real ale.

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Why we’re reading Good Honest Beer: The Story of a Midlands Dynasty and The CAMRA Guide to London’s Best Beer Pubs & Bars.

When Being Alive is Not Enough The Politics of Beer by

The problem is the British fixation, enshrined in CAMRA’s policy, on the notion that for a beer to be “good,” it must contain live yeast.

This Month’s Thoughts, In Brief The Politics of Beer by

Bad Language Back in 1972, the oddly named Campaign for the Revitalisation of Ale decided it preferred the word “real” to describe its preferred forms of ale. To this day, UK media still use the word “real” to distinguish the authentic and elite from the mass produced and fake. A few years later, the Belgians

On Falling Off The Politics of Beer by

Tim Webb reflects on his beer-cycle journey that was abruptly cut short.

Three Threads Three Threads by

BeerAdvocate users share what they think of American cask ale.

Beer Sans Bubbles? Ask the Beer Geek by

The Beer Geek helps a user search for a noncarbonated brew.

Casks & Kegs Ask the Beer Geek by

The Beer Geek clears up the differences between cask conditioned and kegged beer.

Has CAMRA Stunted the Growth of British Beer? The Politics of Beer by

By deifying a limited range of virtually unexportable ale styles, did CAMRA fossilize British beer culture in a spoof version of the 1950s?

The Death of the British Pub The Politics of Beer by

Preserving for the sake of preservation is for curators, not consumers. Timeless excellence should ensure the survival of our greatest pubs. Drab imitations must be allowed to fail.

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CAMRA steers cars to “real ale” pubs; the global real ale collaboration; the birth of beer weeks; iPint gets iSued; and Palestinian beer attempts to unite.

Fire, Smoke and Beer Cooking with Beer by

Without the clutter of different tastes coming from several ingredients, simplicity can still be complex; technique becomes the true test of the chef. Barbeque is just that: a technique.

Craft Beer Goes Global Unfiltered by

The Baird Brewing Company and Yo-Ho Brewing Company bring an American craft approach to the Japanese beer market.

BeerAdvocate’s Beer in Review Feature by

Tens of thousands of beers were tasted and thousands of places were put to the beer geek test for our largest beer in review ever. Who’s the best of the best? The results are in.

How Old P Saved My Life Last Call by

There’s no doubt we’ve had some fabulous beers in Yorkshire. But there’s more to life than Bitter.

Alex Hall: Gotham’s Imbiber Advocate This by

In Brooklyn, NY, one man towers over other proponents of real ale.