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Higher Prices, Brighter Futures? The Changing Landscape of Beer Retail Feature by

As craft brewers push to distinguish themselves from Big Beer, revenue from higher-priced premium beers is increasing faster than any other craft segment. Will that make the $8 six-pack a thing of the past?

Stepping Up to the Pint: Contract Brewers Turn to Ownership For Growth, Increased Control Feature by

Few contract brewers start out intending to sell the hapless beer drinker subpar suds. In fact, most contractors have the same dream as every other brewer: to build their brand, win over consumers and open facilities of their own.

Riding Billboards: Beer and Cycling Cultures Draft Picks by

Breweries who go ahead with designing and selling their own jerseys have had success with a targeted audience. Many craft drinkers are cyclists, runners and outdoor enthusiasts.

Beer News News by

New York’s brewers & wholesalers scrambled by Hurricane Sandy; brewers increasingly skeptic about plastic kegs; North American Breweries sold to Cervecería Costa Rica; Minneapolis brewers embattled in trademark dispute; and C&C Group purchases Vermont Hard Cider for $305 Million.

Jeremy Cowan, Founder, Shmaltz Brewing Co. Last Call by

He’s the face of Shmaltz Brewing out of San Francisco, but he travels tirelessly, pouring his own beers at festivals and bringing his signature brand of smart humor to the industry.

Beer News News by

George Washington’s beer recipe discovered, brewed; California hops held up by Secret Service; two proposed Texas beer laws killed; and Stone announces $26.6 million expansion plans.

Three Threads Three Threads by

Jeremy Cowan, Alan Pugsley and Dann Paquette discuss the industry and the public’s view of contract brewing.

Profiles in Beer Feature by

It’s time once again to pay homage to eight greats of the brewing industry in our annual nod to those who make beer more than just a beverage.