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Michael Brawley, Owner of Brawley’s Beverage Last Call by

Michael Brawley is one of many independent retailers who were shut out of the much-anticipated release of a one-time shipment of Westvleteren XII to the US.

Beer News News by

New French beer tax elicits outcry from EU brewers; Oskar Blues partners with community college for hands-on brew course; German courts rule to allow two different Duff beers; study claims hop compound may help fight common cold; and Westvleteren XII finally released to much fanfare, some controversy.

Praising the Lord in His Ferment The Politics of Beer by

I just don’t get it with the almost hysterical popularity of the Westvleteren Brewery’s strongest beer, Westvleteren 12.

Beer News News by

Westvleteren Trappist Ales to make US debut in 2012; scientists decipher genetic code of Brettanomyces yeast; SABMiller purchases Foster’s Group; House Bill 4061 legalizes homebrew sharing at Michigan meetings; and Prohibition Pig to open in place of The Alchemist Brewpub.

Beer Cultism Unfiltered by

Cultism is giving beer a bad name and is driving a wedge between brewers, beer lovers and a certain class of scarcity-seeking tickers.

How the Other Half Drinks The Politics of Beer by

Next to an impressive range of regular and experimental brews with double-figure alcohol percentages, sit bottles of competent but plain Blonde, Amber and White ales for the unadventurous locals.

And the Best Brewery in the World is… The Politics of Beer by

Contemplating the American obsession of dubbing one beer or brewery “the best.”

Stop Buying Westvleteren! Advocate This by

The Bros urge consumers to ignore the hype and only buy Westvletern beers if they make the pilgrimage to Belgium.