Black Project Spontaneous & Wild Ales

Black Project Spontaneous & Wild AlesBlack Project Spontaneous & Wild Ales
Black Project Spontaneous & Wild AlesBlack Project Spontaneous & Wild Ales
Brewery, Bar, Beer-to-go

1290 S Broadway
Denver, Colorado, 80210-1504
United States

(720) 900-5551 | map

Notes: Colorado's first and only brewery focused on brewing with 100% Native Microflora.

Black Project Spontaneous & Wild Ales is the passion project of James Howat, owner, brewer, and blender; and Sarah Howat, owner and operation managers; of what was formerly Former Future Brewing Company. The brewery began production in January 2014 and won two bronze medals for their coolship ales (Category: Experimental, Subcategory: Wild Ales) at The Great American Beer Festival in 2014 and 2015. In 2016, Black Project expanded production with a small addition to the property which allowed for the expansion of their barrel program. This allowed the brewery to evolve from Former Future Brewing Company to only serving Black Project beers. In 2017, Black Project hopes to produce 250 BBL of beer and increase distribution.
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NameStyleABVRatingsAvgLast ActiveYou
AdderWild Ale52405-03-2021
AlkaliFruited Kettle Sour7.314.0902-13-2022
All Talk, No GameNew England IPA7.833.8906-05-2020
AltairWild Ale423.3901-19-2018
AnteusBerliner Weisse5.12411-21-2020
ApexWild Ale5.683.9601-08-2021
AquatoneFruited Kettle Sour5.71406-05-2022
ArcherWild Ale47406-19-2020
ArgusWild Ale554.1112-06-2020
AzorianWild Ale5.814.2502-19-2020
BackfireWild Ale53408-20-2021
Big SafariWild Ale543.9509-20-2021
BLACKJACKWild Ale6.1313.9905-20-2021
BlinderWild Ale5.80005-16-2020
ButcherWild Ale4.723.9202-12-2022
ByemanWild Ale823.601-21-2022
CamberWild Ale5.434.0906-03-2021
ChemtrailWild Ale553.8303-29-2021
CipherWild Ale7.1434.0205-03-2022
ClandestineWild Ale824.1210-06-2017
Cobra BallWild Ale4.964.0205-03-2021
COMETWild Ale514.1209-05-2020
CondorWild Ale6.314.2610-02-2021
ConstellationWild Ale7.544.4610-09-2017
CrossroadsWild Ale5.81408-26-2021
CrypticWild Ale4.1144.1709-16-2021
Cygnus: Cherry (Blend A)Wild Ale6124.2408-15-2019
Cygnus: Cherry (Blend B)Wild Ale6.7114.1802-13-2021
DaggerWild Ale5.853.9801-24-2020
Dead HandWild Ale6.8104.1510-08-2017
Divine ArrowWild Ale5.514.504-16-2022
Division: GolfWild Ale774.3511-05-2019
Division: HotelWild Ale724.6808-02-2018
DreamlandWild Ale5.7474.2510-23-2019
EjectorWild Ale6.2284.1607-11-2020
ElsewhereWild Ale6.5104.0402-04-2017
Escape TowerWild Ale8.914.0611-26-2018
EsquireFruit and Field Beer7.123.9809-12-2021
FantailWild Ale6.234.0502-27-2019
FencerWild Ale5.713.9401-07-2019
Fire DomeWild Ale4.60006-21-2020
FoxhoundWild Ale6.2253.9501-15-2022
FreehandWild Ale563.8201-24-2021
GauntletWild Ale4.954.0301-08-2021
Gemini San PedroWild Ale6.524.3110-11-2019
GlomarWild Ale5.834.1601-26-2020
GnomonWild Ale553.9907-10-2020
Gray GhostWild Ale5.413.7502-19-2020
HavocWild Ale4.853.9207-01-2022
Hellcat - ApricotWild Ale3.614.2502-19-2020
HopLiteWild Ale4.164.0209-19-2020
HypersonicWild Ale653.8307-22-2018
ImmelmannWild Ale5.844.0101-20-2020
Ivy BellsWild Ale6.1124.1910-21-2020
Ivy Bells MK2Wild Ale6.813.9901-26-2020
Ivy Bells MK4Wild Ale6.21402-19-2020
Ivy Bells MK5Wild Ale6.224.1203-14-2020
Ivy Bells: Rum Barrel AgedWild Ale7.814.2501-22-2020
JatoWild Ale6.823.8106-07-2018
JettisonWild Ale7.0324.305-10-2021
JumpseatWild Ale6.2254.2109-11-2021
KayakFruited Kettle Sour7.513.6403-19-2022
Krypton (Cherries)Wild Ale813.7501-22-2020
MaestroFruited Kettle Sour543.4302-18-2021
Magic Lantern: Apricot & GuavaFruited Kettle Sour5.523.7103-03-2019
Magic Lantern: Apricot, Blood Orange & Passion FruitFruited Kettle Sour4.444.3706-18-2020
Magic Lantern: GrapefruitFruited Kettle Sour5.524.1203-03-2019
Magic Lantern: Mango and TangerineFruited Kettle Sour5.514.508-19-2018
Magic Lantern: Passion Fruit, Guava, & Blood OrangeFruited Kettle Sour3.6173.9905-02-2022
Magic Lantern: Passion Fruit, Peach, ApricotFruited Kettle Sour5.5134.1705-02-2021
MainstayWild Ale5.524.6611-30-2020
MallowWild Ale7.413.7505-06-2022
MantisBerliner Weisse614.0507-05-2022
MercuryWild Ale5.734.4210-22-2018
MicrobWild Ale623.9701-07-2017
MicrodotAmerican IPA5.634.2507-29-2020
Mimosa The FunkWild Ale514.501-22-2020
Mosaic HypersonicWild Ale644.3602-19-2017
MysticWild Ale5.514.0406-28-2020
NIMRODWild Ale514.2101-25-2021
NixieWild Ale624.2805-23-2018
OliverFruited Kettle Sour9.724.1306-05-2022
OrionWild Ale6.324.2604-18-2021
Outlaw SharkWild Ale614.1904-19-2018
Oxcart (Blend B)Gueuze6.254.0101-26-2020
ParadiseWild Ale6.863.9701-14-2018
Peach Rye DreamlandWild Ale5.744.1210-20-2017
PhazotronWild Ale564.312-27-2018
Phazotron: BlueberryWild Ale5.214.2501-22-2020
PolarisWild Ale4.134.0807-29-2020
Puzzle Palace 004Wild Ale524.1203-31-2019
Red CellFruit Lambic4.813.7510-02-2021
ReheatWild Ale4.5134.0909-21-2020
Rivet QuickWild Ale5.8123.8202-24-2022
ROSWELL: ELEMENT 115Fruit Lambic71408-20-2021
ROSWELL: J-RODFruit Lambic014.504-20-2021
ROSWELL: LazarWild Ale724.1205-10-2021
Roswell: MJ12Wild Ale754.4207-29-2020
Sage DreamlandWild Ale5.733.9910-10-2016
Shadow Factory: Blackberry & PlumFruited Kettle Sour5.544.0907-29-2020
Shadow Factory: Blackberry & RaspberryFruited Kettle Sour5.5164.1510-17-2020
Shadow Factory: BlueberryFruited Kettle Sour5.243.8801-06-2019
Shadow Factory: Cherry & PomegranateFruited Kettle Sour5.514.2501-22-2020
Shadow Factory: Cranberry & BoysenberryFruited Kettle Sour3.5134.2202-23-2021
SNARKWild Ale6.614.4606-01-2022
SpiritFruited Kettle Sour4.723.9607-28-2021
Stargate: Apricot Bourbon Barrel AgedWild Ale6.71506-08-2020
StarsailorWild Ale4.514.2204-19-2018
StingrayWild Ale6.163.9204-21-2021
Super Constellation: PeachWild Ale7.524.5107-23-2017
Supercruise (Cab Sauv)Wild Ale674.2712-15-2019
Supercruise (Malbec Merlot)Wild Ale8114.2309-11-2020
ThinthreadWild Ale714.2910-02-2021
ThunderchiefWild Ale61409-19-2021
TurncoatWild Ale6.813.5810-17-2017
VautourFruit Lambic6.254.0508-22-2020
VooDooWild Ale7124.1106-30-2019
WiretapWild Ale5.4113.9908-20-2021

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Black Project Spontaneous & Wild Ales in Denver, CO
Brewery rating: 4.09 out of 5 with 560 ratings