Author: Sean Lewis

Sean Lewis is a Boston-based sportswriter, a homebrewer and a big fan of beer, sports and beer sports.

Jester King Brewery From the Source by

The original plan was to build Jester King in an industrial part of Austin, but when a local farmer just outside the city offered his 200-acre farm as a brewery site, the three managing partners accepted. Today, Jester King is producing some of Texas’ most intriguing beers in a style that seems more suited to Belgium than the American Heartland.

Bootlegger’s Brewery From the Source by

Bootlegger’s Brewery, which produces the much-hyped Knuckle Sandwich Double IPA, put out its first keg of beer in April 2008 after Aaron Barkenhagen and his father assembled the previously owned brewhouse equipment and constructed the brewery themselves in order to save money.

Right Brain Brewery From the Source by

American brewers have never exactly been constrained by German purity laws, but founder/owner Russ Springsteen and head brewer Corey Wentworth are taking experimentation and extreme beer to new heights in Traverse City, Mich., at Right Brain Brewery.

Bridge Brew Works From the Source by

At Bridge Brew Works in Fayetteville, West Virginia, co-owners and brewers Ken Linch and Nathan Herrold combine their talents to produce some stellar beers in a state where microbreweries are few and far between.

Zion Canyon Brewing Company From the Source by

In Springdale, Utah, at the entrance of the glorious Zion Canyon National Park, lies a small brewery that works with an eye toward connecting man and nature through beer.

Marshall Brewing Company From the Source by

When Eric Marshall started Marshall Brewing Company in 2008, he had a different kind of challenge ahead of him. Oklahoma was a beating heart for the American adjunct lager and its producers, and seducing drinkers with hoppy ales and rich lagers was no easy task.

Crow Peak Brewing From the Source by

Thanks to Jeff Drumm, South Dakotans have been drinking beer brewed in their home state for the first time since 1942.

Blue Point Brewing Company From the Source by

Mark Burford, brewmaster and co-owner of the Long Island-based Blue Point Brewing Company, opened his brewery in 1997 with partner Pete Cotter, and he’s developed a blueprint for surviving the peaks and valleys of turbulent economies and consumer tastes.

Charitable Brewing Feature by

Brewers and breweries have long done more to benefit society than harm it. In ages when drinking water was often contaminated, brewing was a practical science that provided townspeople with something safe to drink. Centuries later, brewers are still working hard to make a positive impact on their communities.

Dave’s Brewfarm From the Source by

Better beer was born “outside the box,” and continues to evolve removed from the mainstream today. The result has been an industry of rebels and renegades who defy classification, like David Anderson, who is quietly making curious and interesting beers at Dave’s BrewFarm in Wilson, Wis.

Nantahala Brewing Company From the Source by

North Carolina is bursting with new breweries and craft beer revolutionaries who have found a safe haven for their creativity amongst the more restrictive Southern states, yet through close attention to detail, Chris Collier has found a way to stand out from the rest.

Portneuf Valley Brewing From the Source by

The owner of Portneuf Valley Brewing—a distributing brewpub based in Pocatello, Idaho—has long hair, but it hangs off her ponytail, not her chin. Although she is in rare company as a female brewer, that isn’t what sets her apart from the peers in her area.

Epic Ales From the Source by

However a brewer chooses to describe his beer, he probably won’t use the word “umami” … unless that brewer is Cody Morris. The man behind Seattle’s Epic Ales is more interested in pushing the boundaries of what beer can bring to the dinner table rather than brewing to traditional styles and expectations.

Sheepscot Valley Brewing From the Source by

Corporate America may look at a brewer like Steve Gorrill of Sheepscot Valley Brewing Company out of Whitefield, Maine, and see a man with his priorities out of whack: His business could grow and he could be a lot more aggressive in the market, but Gorrill likes things just the way they are.

Brau Brothers Brewing Company From the Source by

Brau Brothers Brewing Company has been keeping Lucan and the rest of southwest Minnesota well-lubricated since 2006, and now this 15-barrel, family-owned brewery is making a name for Lucan by distributing beer to five states.

Nebraska Brewing Company: Big Risks and Big Beers in Cornhusker Country From the Source by

People are starting to take notice of this little brewery that is making people realize there may be more to Nebraska than college football.

Old Forge Brewing Company From the Source by

Craft beer is dark, it is light, it is hoppy and it is sour. The one thing it is not, is mass produced. That fact is never forgotten at Old Forge Brewing Company, a small brewpub in the heart of Danville, Pa. Located on Mill Street, where local artisans craft virtually everything, craft beer fits right in.

Amnesia Brewing From the Source by

Since King opened the doors to Amnesia with his wife, Kristina, in 2004, the 1,700-barrel-per-year facility, located in an old ornamental iron shop, has been treating Portland beer lovers to King’s unique vision and approach to beer.

A Quarry Full of Beer From the Source by

Based in Butte, Mont., Quarry Brewing Company and owner/brewmaster Chuck Schnabel draw on the area’s rich geological resources and history for the company’s slogan: “We dig beer.”

Mountain Sun From the Source by

In 17 years of operation, Mountain Sun has evolved into a spot where regulars and tourists alike congregate to see local bands play for free, where groups of friends can meet to catch up on the details of the week and where individuals can come burn off stress after a hard day’s work.

Good People From the Source by

Don’t expect to see Good People far from the source, as Malone and his partners are dedicated to taking care of their local community before they even consider expanding.

Indigo Imp Brewery From the Source by

Regardless of whether it’s a one-off brew or one of Indigo Imp’s signature beers, it will have Matt and Kathy’s mark all over it. It can’t be helped, as everything from stirring the mash to filling the bottles is done by their hands.

Bonaventure Brewing Company From the Source by

Located on the fourth floor of Los Angeles’ largest hotel, Bonaventure Brewing Company has been treating its loyal customers to craft ales for over a decade, while thousands of the city’s inhabitants walk by every day without even knowing it exists.

Barleycorn’s From the Source by

Barleycorn’s isn’t exactly a brewery, but rather a brew-on-premise shop where customers can come to the store, buy their supplies and ingredients, and turn out a 15-gallon batch within a few hours.