BeerAdvocate magazine #10

Moved By An Inch, Or Two Beer Smack by

The brothers pay their respects to the late Beer Hunter, Michael Jackson.

Beer News News by

What’s new in beer, from the craft side of Molson Coors to the future of the Chinese beer market.

Free-form Brewing Unfiltered by

The free-form movement seeks to overthrow the way brewers categorize their beers. Eschewing the restrictions of traditionalism, these free-form brewers want to change the way people think about tasting beer.

Warming Old Man Winter’s Bones BYOB by

Throw off the shackles of summer’s cruel heat and prepare for the snow at the same time by getting a start with a rich Winter Warmer-style Old Ale.

American IPA: Finders, Keepers Style Profile by

American brewers have taken a beloved British creation to bold, hoppy places.

Tod Mott of Portsmouth Brewery Going Pro by

Tod Mott has worked all over New England, but settled into a nice groove at the Portsmouth Brewery, Smuttynose’s brewpub sister.

Beer Wares Wares by

Online beer games, a semi-eco-friendly fashion statement, and a historical tome of brewing knowledge.

Foster’s: Australian for Electricity? Innovation by

Researchers from the University of Queensland announced a pilot project to get electricity out of wastewater from the Foster’s brewery near Brisbane.

Roach Beer, Guinness Identity Crisis, and Nitrosamines Ask the Beer Geek by

Roaches check into the Icehouse, but they don’t check out; Guinness identity crisis; and nitrosamines in beer.

Be Social. Drink Beer. Advocate This by

When we indulge with moderation and respect, beer allows us to loosen up. Forget politics, religion, and sports—let’s drink beer!

Beer: A Beacon of Light in the Dark Ages Feature by

People in this day and age don’t really know much about the Dark Ages… one of the main reasons this period in European history is referred to as “dark.” For the evolution of beer, however, this era was anything but dark.

A Twist on a Classic German Snack Cooking with Beer by

Over 300 million pounds of pretzels are made each year. Impress friends and guests with these four flavors that aren’t your everyday pretzel variety.

Indianapolis Destinations by

Indiana’s beer scene is rightly dominated by Chicagoland and Michiana, but that shouldn’t preclude a trip a bit further south to the state’s capital, the Crossroads of America.

How Old P Saved My Life Last Call by

There’s no doubt we’ve had some fabulous beers in Yorkshire. But there’s more to life than Bitter.