BeerAdvocate magazine #14

Don’t Believe the Special Release Hype!? Beer Smack by

There’s a growing trend among brewers to craft a big beer, name it something demonic or outlandish, and create a big buzz around its release by using grassroots word-of-mouth marketing.

Craft Beer Goes Global Unfiltered by

The Baird Brewing Company and Yo-Ho Brewing Company bring an American craft approach to the Japanese beer market.

Get Your Wood On: Oaking Your Homebrew Made Easy BYOB by

The general opinion around wood’s use in brewing has evolved thanks to the discovery of a fundamental truth: Oaked beers taste great!

Oatmeal Stout: Drink Your Oatmeal Style Profile by

Dark and handsome with a brown collar of foam, this is a deliciously filling beer that seems, well, wholesome. Knock back a couple of them and you can almost feel your cholesterol dropping.

Geoff Larson of Alaskan Brewing Company Going Pro by

Geoff Larson, co-founder and brewmaster at the Alaskan Brewing Company, has overseen a gold rush of a different sort: He has won more Great American Beer Fest medals than any brewery in the festival’s history.

Beer Wares Wares by

A few good beer books, and one great beer-stool.

Online Aid For A Hopless Situation Innovation by

There’s no shortage of talk about the impending hops deficit these days, leaving many beer fans and brewers thinking bitter thoughts at best. Fortunately, the internet holds many resources for brewers of all skills—from the fledgling homebrewer to the seasoned pro.

Light-Struck Beer, Consumption by State, and Serving Temperature Ask the Beer Geek by

Bottles vs. cans; top 10 beer consuming states; proper serving temperature for craft brews; and how to pour Wits and Hefeweizens.

Vermont Brewers Push to Pop Their Cap Advocate This by

Recently, brewers in Vermont are making what’s hopefully a final push to raise the bar for better beer options and sales in their state, and many feel that it’s about damn time.

Beer Cuisine on the Road Cooking with Beer by

With a portable stove, a little imagination and forethought, you can enjoy great bière cuisine on the road for that summer vacation, day trip to the beach or day-long pub crawl with friends.

BeerFly: Airline Edition Feature by

Welcome aboard Jet Brew Flight IBU77 from Fridge to Belly. Please direct your attention to our BeerAdvocate in-flight beer guides, Jason and Todd, for today’s current offerings.

Toronto Destinations by

Toronto has quietly become one of North America’s great cities—a haven for sports, culture and, of course, great beers. They love to brew it, and they certainly enjoy drinking it.

Valuable Beer Last Call by

Sam Calaglone of Dogfish Head talks the impact of eduction in creating a sustainable beer community—especially when prices are (justifiably) raised.