BeerAdvocate magazine #15

Is Barrel-Aging Trite? Beer Smack by

While the packing and aging of beer in wooden barrels isn’t a new concept, the past decade or so has witnessed a growing trend in brewers experimenting with oak-aging every beer style under the sun.

Beer News News by

Cascade launches a renewable brew; US craft brewers grow; Miller dabbles in “lite” craft beers; Vermont rethinks drinking age; Bud Light Lime is born; and “Hop Obama” could divide versus unite.

From Grain to Grape? Unfiltered by

The progression of the American beer industry from its Animal House days shouldn’t have to result in Frasier-like airs.

Milds are Wild: Bigger Beers Don’t Have All the Fun BYOB by

Smooth, deceptively rich, yet easy to put back in large quantities even in the summer. Mild’s great advantage to those in need is a speedy turnaround from kettle to keg.

Bohemian Pilsner: Will the Real Pilsner Please Stand Up? Style Profile by

At its finest, Pilsner is a delicate, refreshing glass with a pure, flowery bouquet and a crisp finish.

Mikkel Borg Bjergsø of Mikkeller Going Pro by

Copenhagen’s Mikkel Borg Bjergsø is taking several continents’ worth of brewing scenes by storm. His Mikkeller brewery, while barely two years old, is producing some of the world’s most sought-after beers.

Beer Wares Wares by

Vegan, beer-infused ice cream; a beer trivia book; and a sophisticated Pilsner glass.

Hops For Your Pits Innovation by

While almost all the hop varieties grown in the world are used to flavor beer, the little green gems are used in other products—and for other reasons besides their well-known bittering properties.

Contract Brewing, Kentucky Craft, and Hop Sickness Ask the Beer Geek by

Alternating proprietorships; help, I’m almost 21 in Kentucky; and, are you as confused as me?

Spend Your Tax Return Locally Advocate This by

It’s essential that we help stimulate our local beer scenes with some good old-fashioned cold hard cash. This year we’re urging everyone to spend all, or a portion of, your tax rebate on your local beer scene.

Express Your Inner Viking! Cooking with Beer by

Scandinavian elixirs have inspired a new interpretation of gastronomic delights to the Old World cuisine of the Vikings.

American Brewers in the Land of the Midnight Sun Feature by

Will Meyers of Cambridge Brewing Company joins a growing number of American brewers collaborating with Scandinavian beer brethren.

Ægir: Brewery of the Gods Feature by

The soaring mountains, the verdant fjord, the crystal clear air, the splashing waterfalls, the mystic fog, the shimmering light—in this scenic land, you wouldn’t want to enjoy a fresh beer in a place that was anything less than spectacular.

Stockholm, Sweden Destinations by

Like much of Scandinavia, Sweden’s capital and transportation nexus is now enjoying a craft beer revolution, its people trading the fizzy, lackluster lagers that have traditionally dominated its pubs for full, flavorful brews.

The Power of You Last Call by

Bill Covaleski of Victory Brewing Company points out the power of the informed beer consumer at their local craft seller.