BeerAdvocate magazine #16

Pay No More Than $5! Beer Smack by

The growing trend by bars and restaurants to drop beers into 10–12-ounce glasses—and intentional short pours—is literally killing our chances of getting a proper red, white and blue 16-ounce pour of brew.

Beer News News by

Darling banned from local British pubs; Boston Beer Co. donates to Freetown; Michelob wins independence; Heineken takes over Scottish & Newcastle; LCBO turns to American craft beer; and A-B no longer exclusive.

Erin-Go-Bud, Cinco De Miller Unfiltered by

Somewhere along the way, the intersection of cultural amity and the entrepreneurial spirit of big business morphed traditional celebrations into global bashes devoid of historic meaning.

Pitching Multicultural Slurries: How to Add Complexity and Save Money BYOB by

With multiple starters on hand, you can crank the experimentation knob!

Rauchbier: Smoke Gets in Your Beer Style Profile by

The classic style of smoke is Rauchbier (rauch is German for smoke) from the town of Bamberg.

Carol Stoudt of Stoudts Brewing Company Going Pro by

Carol Stoudt became the country’s first female brewmaster when she brought flavorful, handmade beers to Lancaster County, Pa., more than 20 years ago.

Beer Wares Wares by

The perfect Black & Tan, Scotch Ale cheddar, and 300 beers to drink before you die.

Beer Can Speak Innovation by

While canned craft beer is an innovation in itself—at least here in the United States—another recent development in Japan might soon make canned beer popular within a group of individuals with special needs.

Serving Temperatures, and Colorimetric What? Ask the Beer Geek by

Serving temperatures; estimating alcohol with the colorimetric what?

National “Packaged On Date” Standard Advocate This by

Would you buy dairy or meat that was past its prime? We’re guessing not, but you are when it comes to beer, and even worse, you don’t even know it.

Fire, Smoke and Beer Cooking with Beer by

Without the clutter of different tastes coming from several ingredients, simplicity can still be complex; technique becomes the true test of the chef. Barbeque is just that: a technique.

BA’s Survival Guide to Beer Fests Feature by

How to become a beer respecting fest pro, made easy.

Washington DC Destinations by

As a working city, DC is full of politicians and journalists, not to mention influence-peddlers, rich foreigners, bureaucrats, students and the service workers who cater to them all. Which is to say that this town has a wicked thirst.

The View From San Francisco Last Call by

Tony Magee of Lagunitas Brewing Company spins a beery tale.