BeerAdvocate magazine #25

Boycott Beer Fests! Beer Smack by

Unless a beer event is paying for the beer and not charging booth fees, we ask all of you to not support it. Otherwise you’re attending an event that doesn’t support brewers and paying to drink free beer, while someone is getting fat off the proceeds.

Beer News News by

Dave’s beer turning green; Utah man can restore landmark beer billboard; resale of stolen kegs outlawed in N.D.; and Brewery Ommegang’s commemorative ale stripped of its presidential title.

Beer Evangelism Unfiltered by

In undertaking your missionary duties as foot soldiers in the better-beer brigade, remember the keys to beer evangelism: Don’t judge or push, and always have fun. Happy converting.

Cuckoo for Cocoa BYOB by

Notice the abundance of chocolate-infused Stouts and Porters? Beyond the color connection, chocolate intertwines naturally with roasted malt’s coffee bite. Mocha, anyone?

Josh Davies Going Pro by

Why is Arcadia Brewing Company growing rapidly and gaining fans far outside its Michigan home base? For one, its head brewer, Josh Davies, goes to work at 3:30 in the morning to make sure his yeast is happy.

Braggot: Where Beer Meets Mead Style Profile by

Combining grain with grape or honey is no mistake. Man has toasted with this special drink for centuries.

Three Threads Three Threads by

Mike Stevens, Shane Welch and Greg Koch weigh in on current craft beer prices, and how they affect the consumer.

BioBeer Innovation by

Resveratrol, a chemical found in red wine, has been proven to reduce heart disease and curb some cancers in lab animals, which makes red wine the darling of healthy-minded drinkers. But a group of students at Rice University might be knocking red wine off its lofty pedestal.

Dirt in Beer and the Difference Between Bottles and Cans Ask the Beer Geek by

The Beer Geek explains the sediment in your beer, and argues for more canned craft brews.

Chocolate Beer Truffles Cooking with Beer by

Beer-infused chocolates designed with Pete Slosberg, creator of Pete’s Wicked Ale and founder of Cocoa Pete’s Chocolate Adventures.

The Wildest Beers in the West From the Source by

When they opened in 2005, the place was so small that the grill had to be pulled from the kitchen on brew day to make room for the brew kettle. Since then, Goularte has added a covered porch to accommodate an expanded brew house that now produces all of 90 gallons per batch—just under three barrels.

Beer Wasteland: A Survival Guide for Desperate Situations Feature by

If you find yourself trapped in a beer wasteland, do not despair, for there is hope. Like Virgil leading Dante through the pits of Hell, let this guide lead you safely to survival in an otherwise uninhabitable clime.

St. Louis Destinations by

OK, so, yes, St. Louis is home to that really big scary beermaking corporation that shall not be named. But wait! St. Louis has much to redeem itself with, you judgmental beer snob. Give the city a shot. Here’s how.

Too Many to Thank Last Call by

Scott Vaccaro of Captain Lawrence Brewing Co. thanks everyone who has helped him in his journey to beerdom.