BeerAdvocate magazine #27

Beer 3.0 Beer Smack by

Without the internet, craft beer wouldn’t be what it is today. So cheers to anyone and everyone who is a part of beer online!

Beer News News by

Beer Wars reaches the Big Screen; South Carolina microbrewers fight for their right to sell; Penn Brewery staying home; Possible Texas plan to allow buying beer direct from brewers; A tale of two Budweisers; and homebrewing legalized in Utah.

Beer and the Recession Unfiltered by

With no end in sight for the lagging economy, craft brewers will have to continue to develop new ways of serving the now ailing consumers who have treated them so well.

The Death of the British Pub The Politics of Beer by

Preserving for the sake of preservation is for curators, not consumers. Timeless excellence should ensure the survival of our greatest pubs. Drab imitations must be allowed to fail.

Collaboration Homebrews BYOB by

Today more than ever, we’re seeing a never-ending stream of bold collaboration brews.

Al Marzi Going Pro by

Eighteen years ago, Al Marzi was hauling kegs for Harpoon. Now, he’s the guy filling those kegs. He’s in charge of two breweries, in Boston and Windsor, Vt. He’s nurturing regional flagship brands and springing one-offs on an expectant populace.

Mild Ale: Anything But Lifeless Style Profile by

Mild needs an aggressive public relations campaign, an image consultant, maybe even a personal trainer. Otherwise, one of the world’s most misunderstood beer styles will never shed its reputation for mediocrity.

Three Threads Three Threads by

Jeff O’Neil, Jeff Winn and Garrett Oliver talk about their various cellaring philosophies.

Powered by Yeast Innovation by

When Sierra Nevada heard about the E-Fuel100 MicroFueler, they contacted the inventors to see if there was a way they could use the gizmos to make ethanol on site at the brewery for use with their vehicle fleet.

Over-Romanticizing Craft Beer Ask the Beer Geek by

The Beer Geek divulges the reality of owning and operating a brewery.

A Taste of the Islands: Hawaiian-Style Beer Cuisine Cooking with Beer by

The Polynesian-, Chinese- and Japanese-fusion cuisine that has evolved over time on the islands of Hawaii can easily become a feast for one or many, creating a mini tropical vacation at home.

Aloha Beer Cocktails Cooking with Beer by

Make any one, or all three, of these three beer cocktails to add a little island feel to your luau at home.

O’Fallon Brewery From the Source by

To say that O’Fallon Brewery is a collection of homebrewers might be an oversimplification, but it is not that far from the truth. That is not say that the brewery is amateurish—it’s not. Rather, the brewers and the atmosphere of the brewery is one of innovation and, yes, passion for beer.

Ladies, Don’t Look at Me to Start Your Beer Revolution Feature by

It’s pretty amazing these days to see how far women have come in the “male dominated” beer industry. There are more female brewers, homebrewers, sales people and overall fans of beer today than ever before.

San Francisco Destinations by

San Francisco wasn’t much of anything until 160 years ago, but in that relatively short time, the city has left an indelible impact on the nation’s culture. And the same goes for its brewing palate.

Did I Say How Proud I Am of My Son? Last Call by

Phil Jewett of the Pennichuck Brewing Company compares his craft-less youth to his brew-savvy son.