BeerAdvocate magazine #40

If It’s Good, Does it Really Matter? Beer Smack by

At the end of the day, isn’t it just about good beer? And by “good,” we mean what tastes good to you.

Beer News News by

Taking garbage beer proves hazardous; Washington state approves increased beer tax; on-campus brewing proposed at Louisiana State University; Carlsberg warehouse workers strike over on-the-job pints.

Fighting Taste Blindness Unfiltered by

At its best, beer employs the often forsaken arts of subtlety and nuance, all while presenting itself in a straightforward and easily understood fashion.

Becoming Elmer and Marjorie The Politics of Beer by

Sitting at home with a few friends and rating a bottle of foreign beer from a nearby store shows a welcome willingness to experiment, but seeking out craft beers and the people who drink them, in places close to where they are made, shows an intent to live life to the fullest before you no longer can.

Fall of the Legend BYOB by

Let’s hope that for JL, this return starts like Jordan’s baseball “career” and ends like his perfect championship fadeaway with the Bulls. (Let’s ignore the whole Wizards period.)

Drew Brosseau of Mayflower Brewing Company Going Pro by

Thirsty masses still look to Plymouth for sustenance. And the Mayflower Brewing Company, brewers of traditional and hyper-fresh ales, are happy to oblige.

American Pale Ale: Beer’s Cascadian Renaissance Style Profile by

Added in the final stages of brewing to accentuate their aroma, the hops boldly announce their arrival by smothering the nose with a fresh wallop of citrus and freshly cut grass. Their grapefruit-like flavor rides proudly above the malt, biting the palate in an unapologetically bitter finish.

Three Threads Three Threads by

BeerAdvocate users ponder if nitro blends are a good or bad thing for craft beer.

Clean Tap Line Revolution Innovation by

A reduction in the impact on the environment and savings in the cost of cleaning tap lines sounds like a positive step. But the value of being assured of having good-tasting, fresh beer in the glass? That’s priceless.

Support Craft Beer in Cans Advocate This by

Canning is something worthy of our collective support.

A Taste of Mexico Cooking with Beer by

With lots of citrus, spicy and smoky undertones, the cuisine begs to be complimented by India Pale Ales, Porters and Märzens, which are easily incorporated into the recipes of this Latin-influenced country.

Good People From the Source by

Don’t expect to see Good People far from the source, as Malone and his partners are dedicated to taking care of their local community before they even consider expanding.

Drinking Beer at the End of the World: Part 2 of Tim Webb’s Odyssey to an Unknown Beer Land Feature by

Big lager brands may be shiny and reliable, but they are not exactly fun, so dreamers, misfits and visionaries stepped up to start making beers for the more discerning drinker. Twenty years later, Argentina’s craft beers are its best-kept secret.

Portland, Maine Destinations by

Like its West Coast counterpart, Portland, Maine, boasts a world-class brewing tradition that’s rooted as far back as craft brewing’s history can stretch. Plus, this Portland also has lobsters and clams and flannel and some rather wicked accents.

Proud to be an Artisan Last Call by

Cody Lewis of Epic Ales accolades craftspeople and their regional flavors.