BeerAdvocate magazine #47

Putting the “Advocate” in BeerAdvocate Beer Smack by

As we move into 2011, we promise to put the “advocate” in BeerAdvocate by continuing to explore new and better ways to support, promote and defend good beer.

Beer News News by

“Organic” brews to require organic hops; Odin’s Smoky Bacon Ale sizzles in Seattle; Beer bikes banned from German roads; and Lost Abbey Witches Wit label conjures controversy.

Becoming a Beer Critic Unfiltered by

If you dare to raise a question about a favored brewery’s latest beer or the quality of a particular brewpub’s lineup, prepare to witness passion turn quickly to fury.

How the Other Half Drinks The Politics of Beer by

Next to an impressive range of regular and experimental brews with double-figure alcohol percentages, sit bottles of competent but plain Blonde, Amber and White ales for the unadventurous locals.

The Globality of Beer BYOB by

Cosmopolitan Trout, so named for the abbey’s fishy founding legend, uses a little bit of something from everywhere.

Brian Strumke of Stillwater Artisanal Ales Going Pro by

The Baltimore-based brewer, who produces adventurous ales on both sides of the Atlantic, sees some advantage in not having a home. Nothing about his Stillwater Artisanal Ales project is straightforward, from the beer in the bottle to the labels outside.

Double IPA: San Diego’s Pale Ale Style Profile by

If India Pale Ale gets its name from its legendary ability to withstand the month-long sea voyage from England to Bombay some 200 years ago, what should we call the new breed of super-hoppy American IPAs?

Man-Up in the Living Room Innovation by

With good looks that fit in with practically any décor, the Man Table inspired one fan to proclaim, “It’s an oasis of manhood in my wife’s living room!” Just don’t forget to put a coaster under that beer.

Enhancing Winter Desserts with Beer Cooking with Beer by

As holiday gatherings with friends and family abound, ’tis the season for entertaining—and that means cooking. These three desserts can all be made ahead of time, present well, and will be talked about as favorites for years.

Sheepscot Valley Brewing From the Source by

Corporate America may look at a brewer like Steve Gorrill of Sheepscot Valley Brewing Company out of Whitefield, Maine, and see a man with his priorities out of whack: His business could grow and he could be a lot more aggressive in the market, but Gorrill likes things just the way they are.

Beer Rises in the East: Japan’s Microbrewery Boom Feature by

How can craft brewers survive the global recession? Ask the Japanese. During its economic boom in the 1980s, the Japanese were huge consumers of single-malt whiskies and fine wines. Beers are starting to enjoy a similar cache.

Spokane Destinations by

Spokane has good water running through its center, and it’s surrounded by wheat and barley fields, with Washington’s hop fields a couple hours to the west. This college town, best known for its ties to NBA short-shorts hero John Stockton, is a fine place to knock back a pint.

Shakeout or Shine? Last Call by

David Thibodeau of Ska Brewing Co. is grateful for those who gave him a boost in the past, and plans to help others in the communal beer industry.