BeerAdvocate magazine #88

20 Percent in 2020. Can It Happen? Beer Smack by

Given craft beer’s fast growth, we could certainly see it reaching 20 percent of the US beer market volume by 2020. However, the support for such volume is a whole other story. In order to reach 20 percent, and maintain it, craft brewers need to start focusing, now.

Kiev Craft Brewers Optimistic Despite Odds News by

Months of political turmoil—including violent riots, the ousting of Ukraine’s president and Russia’s recent westward advances—have only reinforced the mission of Collider Craft Brewery’s two founders in Ukraine’s capital city of Kiev.

Trial to Commence in “Schlafly v. Schlafly” Trademark Dispute News by

The St. Louis Brewery has been trying since 2011 to register their brand name—Schlafly Beer—as a federal trademark, but it hasn’t been easy. Due to protest from Phyllis Schlafly, the St. Louis Brewery must now proceed to a trial in court.

FDA Re-examines Animal Feed Bill News by

After public outcry from brewers and farmers, the Food and Drug Administration has promised to reword proposed regulations around using spent brewing grain as animal feed. The original proposal would have required brewers to dry, analyze and package the spent grain.

Proposed Legislation Aims to Lift Ohio ABV Cap to 21 Percent News by

In Ohio, the outlook is favorable for a proposed bill that would lift the state’s current alcohol-by-volume cap from 12 percent to 21 percent. A similar bill failed in 2011, but this version has bipartisan support from 21 legislators.

Bottoms Up In Belgium: Seeking the High Points of the Low Lands Shelf Talker by

Why we’re reading Bottoms Up In Belgium: Seeking the High Points of the Low Lands.

Stout & Stormy Kindred Spirits by

A healthy dose of roasty Oatmeal Stout proved to be the perfect visual and flavorful companion to a Dark & Stormy, adding a nutty, rich complexity to a refreshing patio classic.

BeerBug: A Nanny for Homebrew Innovation by

Through a device and cloud-based platform known as Electric Imp, BeerBug wirelessly transmits the status of your beer, cider or wine’s fermentation progress to a cloud, which you can then tap into and track on your smartphone or through the BeerBug’s website.

Vernal Minthe Stout by Ska Brewing Company Label Approval by

Lana Lovibond, the blond heroine of the comic book that Ska Brewing Company created when it launched 19 years ago, stars in the Vernal Minthe can design, appearing as the Greek goddess Persephone.

Bermondsey’s Brewing Revival Beer Without Borders by

Until recently, locals knew South Bermondsey Station as the closest stop to The New Den, home of Millwall, the city’s most blue-collar soccer club, but times have changed. Saturday morning now sees a steady stream of punters disembark here, most of them looking for beer.

Craft Brewers Conference, BrewExpo America and World Beer Cup: In Pictures The Business of Beer by

The 31st annual Craft Brewers Conference brought together professionals from all parts of the industry for a packed schedule of seminars, a trade show and awards. Here are a few standout moments from the event in Denver.

A New Look For Craft Beer Unfiltered by

As the craft brewing industry continues to grow, its design approach should become more focused, allowing it to explore new audiences and markets. While I’m not suggesting the industry lose its sense of fun, it is perhaps time that the design equivalent of fart jokes steps aside for a more thoughtful sensibility.

Light Ale History by the Glass by

In the middle of the 20th century Light Ale, buoyed by the surge in sales of bottled beer, was a rising star of Britain’s pub trade. The dubious quality of much draft beer prompted drinkers to start mixing it with bottled beer. Light and Bitter—a half-pint of Ordinary Bitter topped up with a bottle of Light Ale—was one of London’s favorite tipples.

The Yeast Bay BYOB by

Most of our hobby’s engineers and sciencey types futz over sculptures and process controls. But biology nerds? They get yeast obsessed. The truly crazy are expanding commercial frontiers with hyper-local yeast companies. San Francisco’s The Yeast Bay is one of the newest.

Smoked Doppelbock and Cinco de Mayo Steet Fair Food Cooking with Beer by

Mexican-style Stewed Chicken is one of those recipes that’s versatile and easy to make, and will totally change how a dish tastes. Adapt it for virtually any Mexican dish, such as a pambazo, quesadilla, or sope.

Two Stones Pub in Wilmington, Delaware Barkeep by

After helping his friend Mike Stiglitz launch a restaurant, Ben Muse and Stiglitz decided they wanted their own business and opened the first Two Stones Pub in Newark, Del., in 2011. Locations have since sprung up in Wilmington, Del., and Kennett Square, Pa.

Josh Bischoff of Indeed Brewing Company Going Pro by

Josh Bischoff, Indeed’s head brewer, is hustling to keep up with exploding demand because he starts from a baseline of challenging his customers. The brewery is built around two canned, hop-forward flagship ales, which Bischoff combines with a rotating set of specialty beers and one-offs.

Cambridge Brewing Company From the Source by

Inspired by the successes of Bay Area breweries, Phil Bannatyne, a New Englander by birth, moved back to the East Coast in the late 1980s planning to get into the beer business. The space he could afford turned out to be in Kendall Square, a stone’s throw from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Where to Drink in Boise, Idaho Destinations by

Boise’s growing beer scene seems like a natural lifestyle progression in a place teeming with outdoor recreation. Boiseans love rafting, hiking, mountain biking and camping, so canned beer is ubiquitous. Just remember, it’s pronounced “boy-see,” not “boy-zee.”

Bret Dodd, Producer of Ghost Breweries Last Call by

Watching his old brewhouse in Washington fall into disrepair made Bret Dodd wonder: What happens to the other failed breweries scattered around the country? So Dodd hit the road with his camera, investigating seven still-standing pre-Prohibition breweries.