BeerAdvocate magazine #9

Back to School, BA-style Beer Smack by

But when it comes to learning more about beer, most people are stumped.

Beer News News by

What’s new in beer, from hop aroma analysis to American craft beer abroad.

Pumpkin Beer: An Absolutely Smashing Seasonal BYOB by

Just as leaves fall from trees every autumn, beer enthusiasts drop everything for pumpkin ales. To celebrate the cornucopia of harvest, we’ll look at how to brew typical and atypical examples of the style.

Belgian Dubbel: Love It Two Times Style Profile by

When folks say they like Belgian beer, almost certainly what they mean is Dubbel.

Vinnie Cilurzo of Russian River Brewing Company Going Pro by

Ten years ago, Vinnie Cilurzo and his wife, Natalie, brought aggressively hopped beer to the heart of California’s wine country. Since then, they’ve taken Russian River Brewing Company independent, won an unimaginable number of awards and launched a revolutionary line of barrel-aged sour Belgians.

Beer Wares Wares by

Christine Liu tries out an under-the-shirt beer pouch, a portable breath tester, and a bottle popper that does it all (except open your favorite Belgians).

Free Beer Innovation by

Brewers look to open source software for inspiration in creating shared beer recipes. Of course, homebrew may already be the ultimate “free beer.”

Cask at Home, Beer Sediment and Tasting ABV Ask the Beer Geek by

Serving cast at home; beer sediment 101; ask Ron Stablehorn; and tasting ABV.

Alex Hall: Gotham’s Imbiber Advocate This by

In Brooklyn, NY, one man towers over other proponents of real ale.

Brew U Feature by

Whether you’re a first-time brewer or a pro honing your chops, there’s always more to learn. Here’s how to go from the back of the bar to the head of the class, from a round-up of top brewing schools, to books for learning more about beer and some tips for becoming a better beer advocate.

Tasting Again for the First Time: Experimenting with Beer in the Kitchen Cooking with Beer by

The next beer you try, stop for a minute and taste it. Really. It might sound strange, but stop and taste it like it was the first time again. Savor the aroma before bringing the beer to your lips. Inhale the citrusy or dank hops of a West Coast IPA or the maltiness of a

Boston! Destinations by

Since BeerAdvocate is taking you back to school this month, we might as well go whole hog and take a swing by Boston—a city that’s absolutely rotten with colleges and universities.

A Plea to Go Easy on the New Guys Last Call by

Steve Parkes encourages Beer Advocates to be encouraging with their critiques of new brews. Many times, reviewers will say things online that they would never say in person.