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How to Homebrew Any Style of White Beer with a Universal Base Recipe BYOB by

Starting with a universal white beer recipe as a base allows homebrewers to travel the world of beer styles by swapping out just a few key ingredients.

These 3 American Brewers Are Inspired by Extreme Beer Three Threads by

Today, whiskey barrels and vanilla beans are no more extreme than an everything bagel. But brewers continue to find other ways to experiment, from mixed culture fermentation to Sour Patch Kids.

Crushing Lager Myths with Firestone Walker’s Matt Brynildson Advocate This by

More and more independent brewers are getting into lager brewing, but plenty of misinformation still exists. We asked Firestone Walker brewmaster Matt Brynildson to help us dispel five common myths.

Sap on Tap: Brewing with Liquid Gold The Blending House by

In regions known for maple syrup production, brewers embrace the many flavors that come from brewing with liquid gold.

Bean to Beer: Brewers and Chocolate Makers Join Together in Pursuit of Flavor The Business of Beer by

Craft brewers have begun to realize that a new breed of artisan can help them explore chocolate’s diverse range of flavor profiles.

Pantry Panic BYOB by

Sometimes you must snatch greatness from the jaws of “whoops.” Last summer, while teaching a brewing class, I lost focus and the mash got lightly scorched. To save the day, I turned to my “brewer’s pantry.”

Rice Beer History by the Glass by

The willful misrepresentation of the past by the German brewing industry is irritating. Giving the impression that German beer has been all malt since Moses was at school? Nothing could be further from the truth.

Remembrance of Things Past BYOB by

Infusing brews with a story and meaning is great fun and adds texture to the homebrewing process, but sometimes, the memoriam hits a little too close to home.

Pre-Prohibition Lager: More Nostalgic Than Authentic Style Profile by

Pre-Pro Lager is a glossy dream, a wistful look back to a style that largely never existed. The truth is that, by the time Prohibition was enacted, American brewers were already on the road to ruin.

Why I Hate Modern Fruit Beers The Politics of Beer by

Adding stuff to a nearly completed and rather shabby beer is a dangerous pastime that brand Belgian cannot afford. And neither can any other craft beer culture that wishes to be taken seriously.

Additives in Beer Ask the Beer Geek by

The beer geek discusses various additives in your beer—the good and the bad.

Vanilla Pie in the Sky: Brewing with this Bean Is a Dream BYOB by

This month’s recipe is a twist on a favorite Strong Oat Ale recipe. The aim: to make a sweet-finishing beer to push the dessert angle.