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Luppolo Station: Rome’s Train-Themed, Craft-Focused Pub Barkeep by

Luppolo Station’s venue in Rome’s Trastevere neighborhood helped shape the bar’s original—and unusual—theme.

Birrificio Ex Fabrica’s Oro Nero Beer Reviews by

Oro Nero is quite drinkable for a slightly bigger beer; the dryness sets in but the flavors don’t fade as quickly as they do in other beers.

Baladin to Open Farm Brewery Emphasizing Beer’s Agricultural Roots News by

Teo Musso, one of the four original pioneers of Italy’s craft brewing movement, plans to debut Baladin Open Garden, a 786,000-square-foot beer park in the country’s Piedmont region, in June 2017.

Were Wasps the Catalysts for New Beer Yeast Strains? News by

Curious how Saccharomyces pastorianus (lager yeast) came into being, microbiologist Duccio Cavalieri and entomologist Stefano Turrillazzi had a hunch that the fungi were getting some matchmaking help from wasps.

Italian Breweries Open Locations Abroad News by

Proud of their origins, Italian brewers represent themselves with passion. While some entrepreneurs are hoping to recreate a piece of their native homeland, others are choosing to mixing it up.

Bella Birra Unfiltered by

While trepidation for the undermining of long treasured beer heritages remains understandable, in countries with little in the way of a native or historic beer culture, the change of pace and perspective brought by an interest in American-style craft brewing is a welcome breath of fresh air.

Europe’s “New” Americans: Beyond Stone and Brooklyn, American Brewers are Bringing New Brews to the Old World Feature by

If we overlook all the Americans who moved to Europe and started brewing American-inspired beers there, which already-existing American craft brewery will be the first to open its own European brewing facility?

Where to Drink in Rome, Italy Destinations by

Italy, one of the world’s top wine producers, is experiencing a beer explosion. And after nearly 3,000 years, Rome has finally become a town for beer drinkers, too as enotecas reluctantly yield room to beer bars and bottle shops.

Birra Farmhouse Ale by Prairie Artisan Ales Label Approval by

This playful, hand-drawn world is one of dozens that label artist Colin has created for Prairie Artisan Ales, a young Oklahoman brewery with a prolific and highly acclaimed lineup.

Italy’s Craft Brewers Embrace Agricultural Tradition Beer Without Borders by

In 2010, an Italian law reclassified beer as an agricultural product. Now, any brewery that makes its beer using 51 percent of brewery-grown raw materials can be classified as an agricultural brewery.

The National Brewing Awards 2011 The Politics of Beer by

The National Brewing Awards are so named because they are awarded without the need to enter any competition, to nations in recognition of what they have done for beer brewing during the year in question. There is no ceremony and no official presentation.

Bologna, Italy Destinations by

Because the beer culture is still so young, finding quality local beer can be a real hassle if you don’t know where to look. Yet hidden behind the scenes, in between all the wine bars, osterias and pizzerias, there are some great spots to sit down and have a pint.

Festivals of Life and Beer The Politics of Beer by

The reluctant or inexperienced traveler may need an excuse to enable them to overcome fear of the unfamiliar. As craft beer lovers, the lure of a famous beer festival might do it. Better yet, why not consider an obscure one?

Panil Birra Artigianale From the Source by

There are still unknown beers and craft breweries out there that are slowly emerging to find a following in America. Take the new craft beers being produced in a country not typically thought of when it comes to beer: Italy.