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Stop Shelf Turds Beer Smack by

Brewers and their distributors need to stop saturating markets, brewers need to date stamp their packaged beers, stores need to get control of their inventory and consumers need to look for dates and buy accordingly.

Wholesale Wars: The Battle for the Future of Beer Distribution Feature by

While Anheuser-Busch’s spree of brewery acquisitions makes headlines, its wholesaler purchases have spawned a war at the distribution level that could be one of craft brewing’s most important fights yet.

Clay Robinson, Co-owner and Founding Brewer, Sun King Brewery Last Call by

When he started brewing, Sun King co-founder Clay Robinson never dreamed he’d be taking days off from bottling to suit up and lobby the Statehouse. But these days, he’s dusting off his bachelor’s degree in rhetoric and fighting to raise the production cap for Indiana’s breweries.

Farewell, Unicorns & Rainbows Beer Smack by

We had the privilege of attending the recent Craft Brewers Conference in Washington DC, and took away three messages from the opening talks, the keynote and discussions with various industry colleagues.

Beer News News by

Massachusetts distribution laws reconsidered; Breckenridge Brewery selects Littleton, Colo., AB-InBev modifies Grupo Modelo deal to appease US Department of Justice; Alaskan using spent grain as fuel source; and Pennsylvania governor outlines plans to privatize state’s liquor control board.

I Don’t Do Denial The Politics of Beer by

Some of the world’s largest brewery companies appear relaxed about their falling sales in established markets because of increasing sales in emerging ones. The trifling fact that even big brands are showing signs of implosion is an inconvenient truth, best left unmentioned. It is just “fluctuations.”

Riding Out the Storm Feature by

As the country peers ahead toward an all-but-certain future, will the craft beer industry falter? When the storm clears, will craft beer be stronger than ever?

Free Beer Innovation by

Brewers look to open source software for inspiration in creating shared beer recipes. Of course, homebrew may already be the ultimate “free beer.”

Craft Beer is Going to Fade Beer Smack by

This so-called “resurgence” of craft beer is not a new trend or fad.