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Excavation uncovers Shakespeare’s brewhouse; Steve Anderson dies at 53; Magnolia Brewing Co. files for bankruptcy protection; George Washington’s small beer recipe; Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project closes; and Mikkeller to open San Diego tasting room.

Mass. Distributor Charged in Pay-to-Play Investigation News by

On Aril 29, the Massachusetts Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission (ABCC) charged Everett-based distributor Craft Beer Guild LLC with violating two rules preventing unfair practices that limit consumer choices, like offering inducements to favor some beer brands over others.

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Whether it’s a reminder of friends and family, or a tribute to that first eye-opening brew, these beer-logo tattoos are proof that craft beer can mean more than just a tasty drinking session.

History in a Bottle Unfiltered by

We are witnessing a new age of experimentation, one in which brewers are taking inspiration from history instead of indulging the whims of the present. Engaging in a form of beer archaeology, brewers are teaming up with beer historians to re-create historic beers once brewed in mash tuns around the globe.

Lovely Saint Winefride by Pretty Things Label Approval by

The label art for a new beer from Massachusetts-based Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project dips into the part-fictional, part-real life world Dann and Martha Paquette are constructing.

Dann Paquette of Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project Going Pro by

When Dann Paquette moved back to New England from Yorkshire a year ago, he had no job and little money. A year later, Paquette’s beer is spreading along the Atlantic coast, and he’s enjoying the one perk he’d never attained: unfettered creative freedom.

American Beer! Last Call by

Dann Paquette of Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project reflects on his journey home from his time spent in Yorkshire.

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Jeremy Cowan, Alan Pugsley and Dann Paquette discuss the industry and the public’s view of contract brewing.