BeerAdvocate magazine #39

For Boston, for Boston Beer Smack by

We’re so proud of Boston and thankful for what it’s done for us that we’ve decided to curate Boston Beer Week.

Beer News News by

Philadelphia brewpubs raided by police; Moosehead, Boston Beer Company ink distribution deal; A-B InBev bid for distributor blocked by Illinois; and Iowa, Oklahoma become friendlier to craft brewing.

The Beer Show Unfiltered by

Beer service, when done right, can certainly put on a good show and captivate its audience. Such delivery, with proper glassware, thoughtful pours, and a touch of caring and flare, causes heads to turn and customers to ask what that lucky guy or gal is drinking.

Festivals of Life and Beer The Politics of Beer by

The reluctant or inexperienced traveler may need an excuse to enable them to overcome fear of the unfamiliar. As craft beer lovers, the lure of a famous beer festival might do it. Better yet, why not consider an obscure one?

The Changing Face of Homebrewing BYOB by

What does the rise of the “millennial” generation mean for the hobby?

Patrick Rue of The Bruery Going Pro by

Patrick Rue founded his California brewery, The Bruery, to make the types of high-quality beers he enjoys drinking. They’re also the types of beers that challenge the palates of the most passionate craft beer drinkers.

Maibock: A Light Bock or a Heavy Helles? Style Profile by

The difference between Maibock and Helles Bock? None, other than the former is what we call the latter when the calendar pages turn to spring.

Three Threads Three Threads by

BeerAdvocate users discuss who should be responsible for out-of-code beer.

33 Beers Innovation by

At a mere 3.5 by 5 inches, it slips into the back pocket of a pair of jeans or shorts perfectly, and handy checkboxes and lines help you organize the information on each beer you taste.

Brewing Big for National Homebrew Day Advocate This by

The Big Brew occurs on the first Saturday of May as a pre-celebration of National Homebrew Day and of homebrewing around the world.

Tamales with a Beery Twist Cooking with Beer by

These recipes incorporate beer into two different interpretations of a tamale: the perfect edible gift.

Indigo Imp Brewery From the Source by

Regardless of whether it’s a one-off brew or one of Indigo Imp’s signature beers, it will have Matt and Kathy’s mark all over it. It can’t be helped, as everything from stirring the mash to filling the bottles is done by their hands.

To Patagonia & Back Again: Part 1 of Tim Webb’s Odyssey to an Unknown Beer Land Feature by

What brings the visitors is the spectacular backdrop of Andean peaks, ice-capped even in summer, the breathtaking scenery around the seven sprawling lakes and, increasingly, the beer.

London Destinations by

The beers that brought craft brewing into prominence largely owe their existence to a historic brewing scene that largely revolved around, and served, London’s thirsty masses.

It’s Time for Session Beer Last Call by

Chris Lohring of Notch Brewing believes the craft world deserves more session beer.