BeerAdvocate magazine #54

Do Beer Labels Matter? Beer Smack by

Some great beers unfortunately get tagged with horrid labels—ranging from boring to sophomoric, to sexist—while mediocre beers get wrapped in a packaging tale that’s much more interesting than the beer.

Beer News News by

Adverse growing conditions impact the Canadian barley crop; archaeological site provides oldest evidence of brewing in France; non-alcoholic Weissbier’s health benefits; New Century Brewing closes; and Charles Koch Jr. passes away at 88.

Garage Drinking Unfiltered by

Garage breweries aren’t brewpubs in any traditional sense. You won’t find any food, beyond peanuts or popcorn, and the beer is usually sold off-site as well. And you’re always aware that the brewery hovers around you, not hidden away behind glass partitions.

My Friend and I Would Like You to Know The Politics of Beer by

The focus of our book will be top-quality craft brewing, and if global brewers have stopped making those, well, they’re just foolish. We would produce an atlas for explorers. It has surprised me just how much I have learned.

Books Shelf Talker by

Why we’re reading America Walks Into a Bar and Craft Beers of the Pacific Northwest.

Remembrance of Things Past BYOB by

Infusing brews with a story and meaning is great fun and adds texture to the homebrewing process, but sometimes, the memoriam hits a little too close to home.

Carl Melissas of Wedge Brewing Company Going Pro by

Carl Melissas, brewmaster at Asheville’s Wedge Brewing Company, brews up unpretentious ales and lagers inspired by the classic style benchmarks. It’s a simple-sounding proposition, until you account for the stiff competition all around town. The city knows quality and craftsmanship.

East India Porter History by the Glass by

Pale Ale wasn’t the only beer sent to India. It wasn’t even a majority of the beer sent. No, that honor belongs to a beer that’s been lost to history: India Porter.

Getting Silly for Silipint Innovation by

Made of 100-percent food-grade silicone, the Silipint is dishwasher safe, as well as freezer, microwave and oven safe—not that you’d ever want to heat your beer in an oven, but it might come in handy for some wassail in the winter.

Creole Cuisine: Going to the Beer Bayou Cooking with Beer by

Red beans and rice is a staple of the Creole kitchen that can be served as a side dish or a main course. This version uses a Porter pork stock to cook the beans, and it’s served over a slightly bitter IPA rice. To make this an entrée, add Barrel Wood-Smoked Quail on top.

Marshall Brewing Company From the Source by

When Eric Marshall started Marshall Brewing Company in 2008, he had a different kind of challenge ahead of him. Oklahoma was a beating heart for the American adjunct lager and its producers, and seducing drinkers with hoppy ales and rich lagers was no easy task.

The Big Business of Little Brewing Feature by

As demand increases in newer markets, microbreweries are at a crossroads: take out large loans and expand, or sell stakes to larger brewers and distributors. Factor in that a generation of craft brewing legends is approaching retirement, and these questions become even more complicated.

Albuquerque, New Mexico Destinations by

It’s still a well-kept secret that Albuquerque is one of the most prolific markets of local, craft-brewed beer. Part of the appeal of Albuquerque’s beer scene is that it isn’t trying to be the next Portland or San Diego.

Luke Livingston, Founder, Baxter Brewing Co. Last Call by

Six months after Baxter Brewing started brewing and canning their beers, demand is soaring, and Livingston has made Lewiston, Maine, a destination for craft beer fans.