BeerAdvocate magazine #58

“It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like …” Beer Smack by

Don’t compromise your holiday beer and food potential just because all the cool kids will be sipping some obscure Saison with dry turkey and suggested you should too. Be creative. Have fun.

Beer News News by

Ichabod Pumpkin Ale causes trademark dispute; Miller-Coors buys minority stake in Terrapin Brewing; Pakistan may begin exporting beer; Wells & Young’s acquires McEwan’s and Younger’s; and Smuttynose moves forward with expansion plans.

Fighting Beer Fatigue Unfiltered by

After a few years of trying new beers, every beer lover hits a wall. Beer fatigue can strike anywhere. In these circumstances, the most effective approach is perhaps the least intuitive: Just take a break.

In Pursuit of the Fifth Star The Politics of Beer by

Good beer, it seems, is in the pink. So what better time to look at what craft brewers are doing wrong? For its amazing range of tastes, styles, strengths and colors, so much of American craft beer seems to taste naïve, unworldly and lacking in complexity

Books Shelf Talker by

Why we’re reading Drinkology Beer and Brewed Awakening: Behind the Beers and Brewers Leading the World’s Craft Brewing Revolution.

Apocalypse Now: A Beer for the End of the World BYOB by

It turns out the Mayans shared an obsession with us: chocolate. But they weren’t chomping on Cadbury bars; they drank their chocolate in a bitter, foamy liquid. Sound familiar?

Alex Ganum of Upright Brewing Company Going Pro by

Alex Ganum places Upright Brewing Company in the Belgian/French farmhouse vein, in the sense that the brewery is cranking out beers that can stand on their own, without getting hung up on style.

Alloa Ale History by the Glass by

London, Burton, Edinburgh: Britain’s key brewing towns. But one name is missing. The forgotten great of British beer: Alloa, renowned for its ales and Pale Ales.

Wet Hop Kellerbier by Mikkeller Label Approval by

There’s something nostalgic about Keith Shore’s otherworldly images: the appearance of texture on a flat image, the high-contrast, super-blended colors, the minimalist rendering of one action-packed snapshot that challenges the viewer to fill in the details.

Saving the World, Growler by Growler Innovation by

Hydro Flask is a company that makes beverage bottles—from 12-ounce single-serves to 64-ounce growler-sized vessels, with several sizes in between. Made from food-grade 18/8 stainless steel, these reusable containers also feature double-wall vacuum insulation.

Giving Thanks for Beer Cooking with Beer by

Create a Belgian-inspired Thanksgiving with four dishes that play with traditional flavors but inject a dose of the Flemish countryside to accentuate other flavor attributes.

Homebrew for the Holidays Party-Gyle by

If you’re in the mood to re-create what Thanksgiving might have been like in its earliest years, you could try your hand at making your own beer to share with friends and family, and to have a toast with when the last Thursday of November rolls around.

Bootlegger’s Brewery From the Source by

Bootlegger’s Brewery, which produces the much-hyped Knuckle Sandwich Double IPA, put out its first keg of beer in April 2008 after Aaron Barkenhagen and his father assembled the previously owned brewhouse equipment and constructed the brewery themselves in order to save money.

The Rise of the Tasting Room Feature by

In marketing, connecting a face to the “brand” means something. But for the small guys who can’t afford national publicity and TV commercials, that connection and personal brand management becomes a physical reality with their taprooms.

“And the Winner Is…” Inside the Great American Beer Festival Competition: Part II Feature by

It’s October 1st, and the cavernous Colorado Convention Center is packed with throngs of grinning Great American Beer Festival attendees. But beyond the buzzed masses the dull roar of the public fades into hushed utterances. It’s about 10 minutes before the GABF’s 30th annual awards ceremony begins.

Reno, Nevada Destinations by

In the wake of the declining tourism economy, the Biggest Little City is redefining itself and one element that’s been pivotal in Reno’s renaissance, unsurprisingly, is craft beer. From retail to bars, dinners to fests, and especially in online communities, Reno is awash in good beer like it’s never been before.

Jeff O’Neil, Head Brewer, Peekskill Brewery Last Call by

Jeff O’Neil and the Berardi family are transforming a four-story stone building into an artisan brewer’s dream-workshop, complete with a gravity-fed system, a “gnarly” cellar, a “spider-filled, Old-World approach to barrel aging” and—wait for it—maybe even a coolship.