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The Year in Beer: Breaking Down 2020 By The Numbers by

While our numbers were down, we ended the year strong and I have a lot of hope for 2021 and beyond. Also, Fuck 2020.

The Year in Beer: Breaking Down 2019 By The Numbers by

Limited, higher alcohol, American-style IPAs, Stouts, and Sours from a select group of American brewers apparently dominated palates and discussions on BeerAdvocate in 2019.

Lord of the Barflies Unfiltered by

Once heralded for its camaraderie, the craft brewing community is under siege from within as each buyout fractures the industry’s communal spirit.

If They Build It, Who Will Come? National Brewpubs with Neighborhood Aspirations Feature by

Taking cues from the pub and taproom model used by smaller breweries, big players in the beer industry, from 10 Barrel to Blue Moon and Lagunitas, attempt to cash in on the convenience and sense of community of urban outposts.

Higher Prices, Brighter Futures? The Changing Landscape of Beer Retail Feature by

As craft brewers push to distinguish themselves from Big Beer, revenue from higher-priced premium beers is increasing faster than any other craft segment. Will that make the $8 six-pack a thing of the past?

A Theory of Evolution: The Future of Global Beer Unfiltered by

It’s been a year of intrigue and plot twists—multimillion dollar deals begat billion dollar deals, while a half-dozen or more transactions constantly swirl in the rumor mill.

Hop Creep Unfiltered by

The Age of IPA has signaled an end of creativity and experimentation. Based around a handful of hot, new hoppy styles with similar characteristics, we’re in a time of creeping homogeneity.

Beer News News by

Goose Island brewpub in danger of closing; B-Side “brewing label” seeks to put fresh spin on contract brewing; hailstorm damage could have destroyed hops from Hallertau; oil cleanup plan concerns Bell’s Brewery; and MillerCoors achieves landfill-free status at flagship brewery.

The Story of Beer Unfiltered by

In the craft beer sphere, story remains a crucial component of building and maintaining a strong brand identity. It’s not just about making solid, drinkable and interesting beers.

Phil Wymore of Perennial Artisan Ales Going Pro by

Phil Wymore has made the most of his experience, parlaying stints at Goose Island and Half Acre into his own St. Louis startup, Perennial Artisan Ales.

Beer News News by

Anheuser-Busch: brewing your area code?; Sunoco testing growlers to-go in western NY; beloved friend of beer, Ray Deter, passes away; Senate Small Brewers’ Caucus formed; and change in Massachusetts law threatens dozens of small brewers.

The Big Business of Little Brewing Feature by

As demand increases in newer markets, microbreweries are at a crossroads: take out large loans and expand, or sell stakes to larger brewers and distributors. Factor in that a generation of craft brewing legends is approaching retirement, and these questions become even more complicated.

Beer News News by

Illinois breweries fighting to keep right to distribute; Goose Island acquired by A-B InBev; Surly campaigns to change law and build brewery/restaurant; Mexican brewery unveils world’s first beers for the LGBT community; and Indiana state laws may stifle breweries’ growth.

Market Sacrifice, A-B and Goose Island Living Together… Mass Hysteria! Beer Smack by

Let’s face it: Beer is business. And those who can’t separate the beer from the business will be in for a very rude awakening in upcoming years, as the industry continues to mature and the natural evolution of business comes into play.

“Craft Brewer” Just Got Bigger Beer Smack by

For us, a craft brewer is like obscenity. No one needs to strictly define it for us. We’ll know a craft brewer when we meet one and try his or her beers.

BadAss BeerAdvocates Feature by

Join us for our annual nod to these badasses as we raise our pints in their general direction, honoring them for their contributions to the beer industry and for giving beer the respect it deserves. Cheers!

Beer News News by

Will Straub’s returnable bottles get canned?; Independent Brewers United acquired by North American Breweries; no Christmas this year for Goose Island; and Sierra Nevada teaming up with Trappist monks.

Are you a BA? Last Call by

Greg Hall of Goose Island Beer Co. waxes poetic on everything besides the brew itself that makes beer great.

Beer News News by

Miller beer caves; Carlsberg threatens to close historic brewery; Goose Island Clybourn honks on; Cancer-fighting beer; and poppy brew gets student in trouble.

Beer News News by

Possible Guinness relocation; InBev plans price hikes; Goose Island to close flagship pub; Denver’s first Mexican-style craft beers; Magic Hat to purchase Pyramid; and European beer drinking analyzed.

Chicago Destinations by

The city’s brewing culture, long rooted in German lagers, has recently taken a turn towards assertive hops and Belgian yeast; that fact, and the tenacity of Chicago’s neighborhood pub culture, makes this a lively time to go drinking your way across the Second City.

Why We Need Extreme Beer: A Look at a Truly Life-Changing Phenomenon Feature by

There are really only two ways to blow the mind of an experienced, worldly beer drinker: Make a classic style to absolute perfection or make a beer that is unlike anything brewed before.