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Winter Beer Stollen Cooking with Beer by

Modify a recipe for stollen, a traditional German holiday bread, with ingredients like raisins soaked in rum barrel-aged Stout or Eisbock-soaked dried fruit.

Session Imperial Stout Approaches Its Centennial History by the Glass by

While it may sound like a style that could only be conceived in today’s genre-pushing beer world, Session Imperial Stout is nearly 100 years old.

5 Sources of Inspiration for Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout 6 Degrees of Fermentation by

Founders head brewer Jeremy Kosmicki reveals the five beverages that inspired Kentucky Breakfast Stout, from Redhook Double Black Stout to Jim Beam.

Big in Japan: Stouts in the Land of the Rising Sun Beer Without Borders by

In contrast to the country’s ubiquitous lagers, a growing number of Japanese brewers are making big, bold Stouts, often with local ingredients.

Muskoka Brewery’s Double Chocolate Cranberry Stout Label Personifies Winter in Ontario Label Approval by

The character on Muskoka Brewery’s Double Chocolate Cranberry Stout label has taken on a life of its own, inspiring look-alike and beard-growing contests at the Ontario brewery.

A Flavorful History, Served by the Glass: The Enduring Appeal of Mole Beer Feature by

Inspired by the traditional south central Mexican sauce, which can contain up to 20 different ingredients, brewers across the country are putting their own unique spins on mole-inspired beers—and the public can’t get enough.

Fat Julian Imperial Stout by Actual Brewing Label Approval by

Mira and Fred Lee of The Actual Brewing Co. were after a “dreamy science feel” for the label of Fat Julian, an Imperial Stout with chocolate.

Christmas Puddings à la Bière Cuisine Cooking with Beer by

In these holiday pudding recipes, Imperial Stout enhances the flavors of dried fruit in a Medieval English-style figgy pudding, while a Winter Warmer adds notes of malt, toffee, and caramel to traditional tapioca.

Argentinean Empanadas Cooking with Beer by

To bring out more richness in the empanada dough, which will add balance to the filling ingredients, use a malt-forward beer style like bock, Brown Ale, Scotch Ale or Märzen.

Beer Cocktails Feature by

As innovations in craft beer yield new styles and ever-more complex flavor profiles, the most creative mixologists in the country have added beer to their palette, and the results are packed with inimitable flavors and textures.

Enhancing Winter Desserts with Beer Cooking with Beer by

As holiday gatherings with friends and family abound, ’tis the season for entertaining—and that means cooking. These three desserts can all be made ahead of time, present well, and will be talked about as favorites for years.

Celebrating Fat Tuesday with Creole Beer Cuisine Cooking with Beer by

Forty-six days before Easter, New Orleans celebrates Mardi (French for “Tuesday”) Gras (“fat”). Here are three Creole-inspired recipes that are perfect for the occasion.

Chocolate Beer Truffles Cooking with Beer by

Beer-infused chocolates designed with Pete Slosberg, creator of Pete’s Wicked Ale and founder of Cocoa Pete’s Chocolate Adventures.

Desserts to Celebrate Cooking with Beer by

The winter holidays inspire festive meals that bring together family and friends. The desserts offered here are excellent compliments to any meal, a dessert feast, or a stand-alone dish for that annual homebrew club holiday potluck.

Baltic Porter: Strong Yet Smooth Style Profile by

At first glance, it’s hard to tell the difference between the stout and the porter; but collect a few bottles, let them warm to about 50 degrees, and you begin to appreciate the range.