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Wholesale Change: Breweries and Upstart Distributors Are Writing New Rules for Selling Beer The Business of Beer by

Frustrated with the limitations of traditional wholesalers, breweries and upstart distributors are writing new rules for selling beer.

The Pride of Belchertown: How The Shelton Brothers Changed the Face of Beer and Brewing Feature by

In bringing attention to little-known brewers from across the globe and reigniting passion for nearly forgotten styles like Gose and Lambic, the three Shelton brothers also established a company that changed the face of beer and brewing—but not without controversy.

Higher Prices, Brighter Futures? The Changing Landscape of Beer Retail Feature by

As craft brewers push to distinguish themselves from Big Beer, revenue from higher-priced premium beers is increasing faster than any other craft segment. Will that make the $8 six-pack a thing of the past?

Wholesale Wars: The Battle for the Future of Beer Distribution Feature by

While Anheuser-Busch’s spree of brewery acquisitions makes headlines, its wholesaler purchases have spawned a war at the distribution level that could be one of craft brewing’s most important fights yet.

Illegal Beer Sales Pose Risks to Consumers, Brewers and Retailers News by

Black market sales, while rare, are problematic for a variety of reasons. Illegal sales disadvantage some businesses and could put consumers at risk in the case of a recall or other safety issue.

Show Me the Money Beer Smack by

Pay to play is basically the act of bribing a bar to put your beer on tap. Once thought to be solely a macro brewer tactic, all sizes of brewers and distributors now use it to bump competition and gain valuable exposure at bars, restaurants and other retail outlets. Yes, even your small, local, independent brewer.

The Illegal Beer Business: Eighty Years After Prohibition, the Beer Black Market is Still Thriving Feature by

Plenty of beer advocates out there are grateful to the retail Robin Hoods who risk their businesses and gamble their licenses by selling rare beers to loyal customers, or offering illegal beer to attract new beer geeks. But who stands to lose?

Beer News News by

Droughts force California brewers to reevaluate water sources; Southeastern politicians seek to reinforce three-tier system; Shanghai beer festival spotlights China’s growing craft scene; and Cigar City’s Joey Redner on Hunahpu’s snafu.

Bob Archer, Chairman, National Beer Wholesalers Association Last Call by

Bob Archer was thrust into the beverage industry when he took over the family business after his father’s death, and today he’s the chairman of the National Beer Wholesalers Association.

Sam Calagione, Incoming Chairman of the Board of Directors, Brewers Association Last Call by

On a recent visit to the Dogfish Head brewpub, the BeerAdvocate team got to talk shop with Calagione. The consensus? “Ask not what beer can do for you, but what you can do for beer.”

Beer News News by

Illinois breweries fighting to keep right to distribute; Goose Island acquired by A-B InBev; Surly campaigns to change law and build brewery/restaurant; Mexican brewery unveils world’s first beers for the LGBT community; and Indiana state laws may stifle breweries’ growth.

Beer News News by

Brewers Association definition of “craft brewer” scales up; Oregon brewing legend Don Younger passes away; and Texas tries to achieve brewpub-friendly legislation.

Three Threads Three Threads by

BeerAdvocate users discuss who should be responsible for out-of-code beer.

Beer Wars: The Aftermath Last Call by

Anat Baron of Beer Wars discusses the response her film has solicited in consumers and those in the industry.

Price Creep: The Destroyer of Community, Enemy of Egalitarianism Unfiltered by

Will beer’s explosive price growth put it beyond the reach of uninitiated consumers before they get a chance to experiment?