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Hoare and Co. History by the Glass by

When it closed in 1934, Hoare and Co. was one of the oldest businesses in London, dating back to Tudor times. Today, the site is home to a block of apartments, and not a trace of the brewery remains. Will the Hoare name ever return?

Information Overload Unfiltered by

Breweries have an incentive to provide context and clarity to consumers, even if their beers stretch traditional style categories. A beer simply labeled with an obscure name gives no clues as to its flavor or character.

A Solution to the Trademark Bottleneck Unfiltered by

The proliferation of new beer names is hitting a point of absurdity. But there’s a simple solution to the trademark problem, one that would also help consumers: Just use a style name.

Studying for the Bar: How One Attorney Advocates for Beer in Court Back of the House by

Attorneys like Alva Mather help brewers navigate brewery-entity formation, trademark law, wholesale-brewer relations and local ordinances.

The Name Game: Trademark Disputes Bubble Over in Craft Beer Feature by

As the number of new breweries—and new beers—continues to surge, trademark disputes aren’t going away. They’re a part of doing business, even when the business is beer.

Trademark Infringement Ad Nauseam Beer Smack by

As the craft beer segment grows, so does the number of brands, and as the marketplace gets tighter, branding becomes even more important in helping breweries stand out amongst the masses. Yet many craft beer businesses continue to fail to recognize the need to protect assets.

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New French beer tax elicits outcry from EU brewers; Oskar Blues partners with community college for hands-on brew course; German courts rule to allow two different Duff beers; study claims hop compound may help fight common cold; and Westvleteren XII finally released to much fanfare, some controversy.

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New York’s brewers & wholesalers scrambled by Hurricane Sandy; brewers increasingly skeptic about plastic kegs; North American Breweries sold to Cervecería Costa Rica; Minneapolis brewers embattled in trademark dispute; and C&C Group purchases Vermont Hard Cider for $305 Million.

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Ichabod Pumpkin Ale causes trademark dispute; Miller-Coors buys minority stake in Terrapin Brewing; Pakistan may begin exporting beer; Wells & Young’s acquires McEwan’s and Younger’s; and Smuttynose moves forward with expansion plans.

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Stone’s Ales not cutting the mustard; Georgetown brewing changes brew’s name, logo; crew kidnapped while attempting to film commercial in Mexico; “Orange Girls” arrested for alleged World Cup guerilla marketing stunt.

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Drummond Brewing returns to Alberta; Cigar City Brewing shares brewing concepts; Budweiser vs. Budějovický; Rogue saves the Dragon; All-cask brewery opens in Oregon.

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What’s new in beer including the birth of MillerCoors, Stone Brewing going green, and Dixie Brewing Company resuming operations.

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What’s new in beer, from peacemaking homebrew to trademark disputes and gluten-free brew.