BeerAdvocate magazine #11

Tell Us The Truth Beer Smack by

Consumers simply have a right to know exactly what they’re drinking, where it’s from, and who made it. We have the right to know the truth.

Beer News News by

What’s new in beer including the birth of MillerCoors, Stone Brewing going green, and Dixie Brewing Company resuming operations.

Defining Craft Beer Unfiltered by

From the earliest days of microbreweries, the upstart generation of brewers wanted to distinguish themselves from the large, corporate breweries.

Tempting Fate: When the Wild Things Are in Your Beer BYOB by

Is the time and worry worth it? Should you go traipsing about in the land of scary monsters? Ales of extraordinary and unique character are the reward for chasing the wild dragons.

Witbier: Sunset Moon-Gaarden Style Profile by

Witbier goes back 500 years, to a period when beer was made with wheat and typically balanced not by hops but by a blend of herbs and spices known as gruit.

Adam Avery of Avery Brewing Company Going Pro by

“I make beers that I want to drink. That’s the bottom line,” Avery says. “I love our IPA because I made the IPA for me—that’s the style of IPA I like. I always say: I’m making the beer for me; I’m just making a little extra for everybody else.”

Beer Wares Wares by

Christine Liu tries out a scientific beer vessel, some geeky tees, and a beer cooler designed for the sophisticated host.

‘The Device’ Does It All Innovation by

Whether you call it beginner’s luck or divine inspiration, photographer and beer fan John Carnett seemingly tapped into both when he crafted an all-in-one beer brewing-and-serving contraption that has grabbed the attention of brewers everywhere.

Light Beer, Residual Sugar, and Ale vs. Lager Ask the Beer Geek by

Don’t compromise taste; light means light; residual sugar in beer and wine; and laughably basic question answered vs. laughed at.

Question Quality Advocate This by

Beer is a fragile product and should be treated like any other perishable food item. Trust us, there’s nothing worse than losing $10 on a 6-pack of stale IPA.

Brew Your Own Beer! Feature by

Online resources to help you homebrew, required reading for proper beer research, and tips to get your brew from the kitchen to the winner’s circle.

Homebrew Clubs and Brew-on-Premise Feature by

The resurgence in homebrewing is ultimately good news for the entire brewing world. Get a quick history of the American Homebrewers Association and learn about Brew-On-Premise (or BOP) companies, which offer an alternative to brewing in your kitchen.

Give That Turkey A Brew! Cooking with Beer by

Are you tired of dry turkey? Is the canned cranberry sauce not what it used to be? Bored with the store-bought cheesecake? Here are some updated classic recipes, perfect for the homebrewer, beer connoisseur and everyday foodie.

Chicago Destinations by

The city’s brewing culture, long rooted in German lagers, has recently taken a turn towards assertive hops and Belgian yeast; that fact, and the tenacity of Chicago’s neighborhood pub culture, makes this a lively time to go drinking your way across the Second City.

Craft Camaraderie Last Call by

The current definition of “craft beer” lacks solidarity.