BeerAdvocate magazine #12

One Year of BeerAdvocate Magazine! Beer Smack by

Despite never publishing a magazine before, going against the grain, breaking a lot of publishing rules, and running on a pure passion for beer and a dream, we’re still here.

Beer News News by

Grolsch swings to SABMiller, Widmer and Redhook to merge, Canadians’ outdated beer fridges, “Dublin Beer Bandit” at large, and a new beer allegedly reaches 20 percent ABV.

Beer Resolutions Unfiltered by

It’s time to turn the tables and tell beer drinkers how they can improve as patrons of good beer. Here are some beer resolutions to make you a better beer drinker in the New Year.

Doppelbock of Resolution: Turn Over a New Brewing Leaf BYOB by

Break the cycle of your bad habits and climb out of your homebrewing rut with these Brew Year’s Resolutions.

Winter Warmer: Spice It Up, Spice It Down Style Profile by

Spiced holiday brews have a long, flavorful history. Rather than a perversion, Spiced Ale is the original beer.

Dan Weirback of Weyerbacher Brewing Company Going Pro by

In a dozen-odd years of professional brewing, Weyerbacher Brewing Company’s Dan Weirback has traded restrained English-style Ales for big, brawling Belgians, bourbon barrels, and imperialized… well, whatever he can make an Imperial, he will.

Beer Wares Wares by

Novelty beer mug candles, a sleek personal breathalyzer, and a beer history book.

Bag Your Beer Innovation by

Bob Brewer discovers an inexpensive and uncomplicated way to reduce the foam from your favorite brew.

Protective Cardboard, Ninja Yeast and a Beer Myth Busted Ask the Beer Geek by

The protection properties of cardboard cases; ninja yeast battling in extreme beer; and another cool versus warm myth busted (again).

Stop Buying Westvleteren! Advocate This by

The Bros urge consumers to ignore the hype and only buy Westvletern beers if they make the pilgrimage to Belgium.

BeerAdvocate’s Beer in Review Feature by

Tens of thousands of beers were tasted and thousands of places were put to the beer geek test for our largest beer in review ever. Who’s the best of the best? The results are in.

Tasty Beer Treats for the Holidays Cooking with Beer by

Taste the nuances of the latest holiday beers by cooking tasty treats with your favorite seasonal brews.

New York Destinations by

When in the big city, where to drink to avoid being overwhelmed by hordes of tourists and staggeringly mediocre beer selections? Let us show you.

Sibling Rivalry Last Call by

Fred Bueltmann discusses the atmosphere of friendly competition amongst brewers in Michigan.