BeerAdvocate magazine #13

Defining “Extreme Beer” Beer Smack by

For years now, the concept of extreme beer has been twisted by the media to make for eye-catching headlines. Extreme beer is what keeps beer interesting.

Beer News News by

Anheuser-Busch imitates craft marketing; voters weigh in on who they’d like to share a beer with; cost increases in the UK threaten beer culture; Randy Thiel takes a new job; and a University considers teaching brewing.

The Reinheitsgebot’s Relevance Unfiltered by

Born as a cross between a taxation law and a means for protecting bakers’ ingredients, the Reinheitsgebot has long been a dominating influence on the German beer scene.

It Costs How Much? How to Brace for the Hopocalypse BYOB by

For once, agriculture, international economics and the success of American microbrewers reaches down and affects us poor amateurs.

Wheatwine: Meet Barleywine’s Seductive Cousin Style Profile by

Put a glass of Wheatwine to your nose and you get that familiar malty Barleywine aroma. But hold on. Take a sip and breathe in; you fall into a dizzy swirl of vanilla and apricot and who knows what else.

Hugh Sisson of Clipper City Brewing Company Going Pro by

Hugh Sisson has been hawking good beer for nearly 30 years now. In the last few of those, he’s finally made Clipper City into the brewery he always envisioned it to be—Great American Beer Fest gold medals and all.

Beer Wares Wares by

The Official Beer Glove, cooking with beer, and a scientific hangover cure.

Taste Your Beer Innovation by

When Brian Lewis asked his wife, Lisa, to take a whiff of some of the hops he used in his homebrew and then follow it up with a sip of the beer, little did he know that he was hitting on a new idea that would become

The Guinness Rocket Revealed Ask the Beer Geek by

The science behind the widget found inside bottled and canned Guiness Draught.

Karma by the Keg Advocate This by

Event organizers across the US ask for donations from craft brewers who support charity events, festivals, dinners, tastings, tourism and more. Are “thanks” enough reward?

Project Koelschip Feature by

Koelschip? An Allagash Lambic? Allagash Brewing Company explores new American craft beer territory with their authentic, spontaneously fermented Lambic.

Making Sense of the Funk in Beer Feature by

Joining our trusted actors Saccharomyces Cerevisiae and S. Uvarum in the world of sour beers are a team of misfits that would make the Bad News Bears proud. Let us meet the bacteria swimming in your beer.

Heat It Up! Beer Fondue Cooking with Beer by

A cheese board can create an inviting appetizer that can be paired with a variety of beers. This winter, take that same concept, but heat it up! Warm up a beer, add some cheese, and before you know it, you’ve created a whole new dimension of flavor, texture and application for those same ingredients.

Colorado Aprés Destinations by

Colorado boasts beautiful scenery and a beautiful beer scene.

Fuck eBay Last Call by

Tomme Arthur of Lost Abbey and Port Brewing takes eBay to task for their underhanded auctioning of craft beer.

Beer News News by

Brooklyn Brewery celebrates a big game win; German beer sales stumble; Costco offers “handcrafted” contract beers; Ruby Tuesday offers craft brews; and Diageo flirts with beer.