BeerAdvocate magazine #30

The Insularity of Craft Beer Beer Smack by

Assuming we’d like to see the craft beer segment grow more than fractions of a percent against the market as a whole each year—and that’s a good year—craft beer shouldn’t be exclusive.

Beer News News by

Yuengling takes to the skies; Molson retirees’ free beer to dry up; Amsterdam beer bikes prove both popular and controversial; and Iron City Brewing moves to Latrobe, Pa.

The Visual Power of Beer Unfiltered by

Bars should select a half dozen different glass styles, each with the qualities necessary to present their beers in the best lights, thus encouraging sales with the corresponding head-turns and matching the expectations of their customers for honest pints, tulips and snifters.

And the Best Brewery in the World is… The Politics of Beer by

Contemplating the American obsession of dubbing one beer or brewery “the best.”

Green Day BYOB by

On water alone, brewers use roughly 20 gallons for every pint of beer in your fridge. Toss in electricity, fuel for heating, sewage-effluent loads and the masses of spent malt, and you can see why sizable breweries are looking to cut back.

Christian Ettinger Going Pro by

Christian Ettinger founded Hopworks Urban Brewery on the idea that radical sustainability should be commonplace. The organic, Portland, Ore., brewpub has taken environmentalism further than any brewpub in the country.

German Pils: Beautifully Bitter Style Profile by

The southeastern corner of Pennsylvania has emerged as a hotbed of craft-brewed Pilsners. Specifically, the crisp and bitter northern German-style Pils.

Three Threads Three Threads by

Bill Covaleski, Nico Freccia and Hugh Sisson share their thoughts on city “beer weeks.”

Charity Beer Innovation by

It could be anybody’s guess exactly when the first beer-related benefit came to fruition, but it’s safe to say that the concept of selling beer to raise money for a good cause has been around for decades, if not centuries.

Defending Vacu Vin Ask the Beer Geek by

The Beer Geek defends his methods on storing an already opened beer.

Beer-be-cue’n Cooking with Beer by

Barbecue goes hand in hand with beer and is perfect for this time of year. When turning on the oven during those hot summer days seems counterproductive to staying cool, go back to your roots and cook outside. Get primal!

Black Star Co-Op From the Source by

Co-op breweries, with their minimal costs, democratic involvement and intensely local feel, look a hell of a lot like craft beer’s militia. They represent a community no longer simply using its buying power to steer the market, but one empowering itself to join the fight.

Cows Don’t Eat Grapes Feature by

Across the country and across the ocean, several specialty cheesemakers and world-class breweries have teamed up to use beer as an ingredient in their finished fromage.

Portland, Ore. Destinations by

The city is home to well over two dozen breweries and brewpubs, and scores of good beer bars. It’s got more breweries than any one city in the world, and its citizens drink more, per capita, than anybody.

American Beer! Last Call by

Dann Paquette of Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project reflects on his journey home from his time spent in Yorkshire.