BeerAdvocate magazine #4

Has Beer Become a Luxury Item? Beer Smack by

Beer still has a long way to go before it’s viewed as a high-end luxury item by the masses.

Beer News News by

What’s new in beer, from the crowning of Wynkoop’s beer drinker of the year to the passing of historian Alan Eames.

Six Ways Bars Can Better Respect Beer Unfiltered by

Here’s a six-pack of ideas on how bars and restaurants can improve their beer programs.

Salvaging Your Nasty Homemade Brew BYOB by

Short of a tannic overload, a phenolic disaster or a baby diaper in the fermentor, homebrew flaws are correctable.

The Champagne of Beers: How Bière Brut Is Redefining Bubbly Style Profile by

Beer is expropriating one of wine’s most sacred rituals—the high art of methode Champenoise—and coming up with a whole new beer style: Bière de Champagne.

Greg Koch of Stone Brewing Going Pro by

Greg Koch and Steve Wagner first brewed their flagship beer, Arrogant Bastard, back in 1995, a full year before they co-founded Stone, and two years before the beer’s commercial release.

Shotgunator and Headmaster Beer Pump Wares by

A bottle opener offers shotgunners a false sense of safety and an electric tap improves on hand-pumped keg beer.

Glass Ceiling: The Quest for the Perfect Pint Hall of Fame by

Designed to shake martinis, the humdrum, standard-issue pint glass seems woefully inadequate as beer’s catch-all vessel. So Jim Koch hired a company to come up with a solution.

Home Infection, 2,555-Day-Old Budweiser and Klosterbräu Ask the Beer Geek by

The Beer Geek tackles home infections, old beer, Klosterbräu and beer’s fattening effect.

Free the Hops in Alabama Advocate This by

’Bama’s not only one of four states in the US that still has an alcohol-content cap on beer, but it’s also the only state with a beer-container limit.

Bling Advocate: How Being a Shameless Spendthrift Can Enhance Your Enjoyment of Better Beer Feature by

If you’ve ever dreamed of utter beer extravagance, keep drooling: Here’s the ultimate beer wish list.

Bittersweet Symphony Cooking with Beer by

Chocolate lovers and the chocolatiers who make them melt are discovering the unique compatibility between chocolate and beer.

Munich! Destinations by

The ancient city, whose breweries were once manned by an army of monks, is now the site of the beer world’s greatest pilgrimage: Oktoberfest.

Sayonara, Joe Sixpack? Last Call by

If we see the value in a $5 cup of coffee, a $50 bottle of wine, or a $2 bottle of water, how can we not see value in a $10 barrel-aged beer or a $9 handcrafted six-pack from a small, local brewery?