BeerAdvocate magazine #52

Boycotting Craft Beer Beer Smack by

Recent boycott trends target the big breweries of the world and anyone who deals with them. Should consumers punish companies that deal with large breweries, even if these same companies support craft beer, too?

Beer News News by

Dogfish Head, Great Divide, Avery and Allagash pull back on distribution; Flying Dog files suit against the Michigan State Liquor Control Commission; and Free the Hops calls for a boycott of all products offered by ABI’s distributors.

The Rebirth of Local Beer Unfiltered by

For about a half-decade now, rapid expansionism has defined the United States craft beer market. But with the recent announcements of market retreats by many large and mid-sized breweries, the needs of beer drinkers will soon fall once again to local brewers.

Why a Brewer Needs a Brewery The Politics of Beer by

Between March and June 2011, Belgium will acquire three new breweries. There is nothing odd in that. What is unusual is that these three Belgian firms already enjoy established reputations for excellence; in two cases, to the extreme.

Extracting the Best BYOB by

Of the country’s estimated 750,000 homebrewers, the vast majority are extract brewers. Many of them are brewing vets and produce an excellent tipple. Why does extract beer’s reputation suck so much? Two reasons—old extract and noob brewers.

Brad Clark of Jackie O’s Brewery Going Pro by

Brad Clark has wanted to push the envelope since the first beer he ever brewed. At Clark’s Athens, Ohio, brewpub, Jackie O’s, he’s pushing boundaries in several directions.

Beers in a 1914 London Pub History by the Glass by

Stumbling into a London pub in August 1914, what should you order? Time travel being theoretically possible, here’s a handy guide to the beers you’ll find.

Beer & Biking: It’s a Cinch Innovation by

The price of gas is soaring, and the warmer weather is encouraging you to get more exercise. Geoffrey Franklin was inspired by two of his favorite things—bikes and beers—to create three items that help the biking beer aficionado get from point A to point B.

Recipes from the Toronado Belgian Beer Dinner Cooking with Beer by

Four years ago, I was asked to create a menu for San Francisco’s Toronado, to showcase the cuisine of Belgium. Here are three recipes from this year’s Belgian Beer Dinner.

Blue Point Brewing Company From the Source by

Mark Burford, brewmaster and co-owner of the Long Island-based Blue Point Brewing Company, opened his brewery in 1997 with partner Pete Cotter, and he’s developed a blueprint for surviving the peaks and valleys of turbulent economies and consumer tastes.

Nice Package: Craft Beer and the Container Industry Feature by

Switching from the once-ubiquitous brown bottles to cans may have been novel nine years ago, but today, it’s just one way craft brewers are reexamining their relationship with the container industry in hopes of shaving costs and putting better beer on the shelves.

Vive La Révolution Québécois Destinations by

Québec’s artisan beer revolution traces back to the Belgian-inflected brewing of Unibroue, which opened in 1992; 20 years later, the movement is entering its adolescence with confidence.

Colin Valentine, Chairman, Campaign for Real Ale Last Call by

The UK-based organization CAMRA champions the sale of cask-conditioned “real ale.” And every year, Edinburgh-native and CAMRA chairman Colin Valentine crosses the pond to attend the New England Real Ale Exhibition.