BeerAdvocate magazine #60

The Tiresome Tap Takeover Trend Beer Smack by

Yes, you read correctly. We hate tap takeovers, and we’re not alone. There’s a growing number of people who believe that these takeovers are doing more harm than good.

Beer News News by

Westvleteren Trappist Ales to make US debut in 2012; scientists decipher genetic code of Brettanomyces yeast; SABMiller purchases Foster’s Group; House Bill 4061 legalizes homebrew sharing at Michigan meetings; and Prohibition Pig to open in place of The Alchemist Brewpub.

Looking Back, Looking Forward Unfiltered by

American craft brewers remind me of students just completing their sophomore years of college. Having secured their footing, they understand how things work, but remain unsure of what their futures hold; excited to experience the wider world, but still nervous about making their mark.

What to Wish for in 2012 The Politics of Beer by

Despite the economic woes, 2012 is going to see large increases in export sales of small-scale craft beers from producers in Australasia, South America and the European “new wave,” as well as from North America.

Books Shelf Talker by

Why we’re reading Good Honest Beer: The Story of a Midlands Dynasty and The CAMRA Guide to London’s Best Beer Pubs & Bars.

Cookie Restoration Ale BYOB by

I won’t brew this beer for a while, but it will yield a rather charming oatmeal cookie ale with a sweet raisiny note and a spicy compliment to the fatty oats. The little kick of ginger provides warmth and peppery sweetness.

Julian Shrago of Beachwood BBQ & Brewing Going Pro by

Today, Shrago’s still working a day job. But he’s also in the brewhouse on nights and weekends, churning out creative takes on American and Belgian styles for Long Beach, Calif., brewers Beachwood BBQ & Brewing. It’s a long way from the stovetop he started on.

Scottish Sweet Stout History by the Glass by

What’s Scotland’s most distinctive type of beer? Scotch Ale, Scottish Ale or Shilling Ale? Actually, it’s none of those; it’s Scottish Sweet Stout. Stout isn’t most people’s first thought when Scottish beer is mentioned, but there’s a long history of brewing Stout in Caledonia.

Midnight Special by Jailhouse Brewing Co. Label Approval by

What he came up with was the stark-contrast, dramatic image of a prisoner illuminated by the headlights of a train careening through the prison walls, just feet from the cell cot where our character sits.

Grand Openings Innovation by

I hate asking for something I don’t have. So items that multitask are golden. And like any beer geek worth her beer, the one thing I always like to have on hand is a bottle opener.

Brown Ale Oxtail Soup and Pale Ale Pork Stew Cooking with Beer by

You will find that the beers used in these two soup recipes help distribute flavors, while adding depth to the final steaming bowl, creating a pleasant dining experience for that cold winter day.

Super Bowl Party Smarts Party-Gyle by

Fortunately, there are a lot of crisp, greasy snacks that pair very well with winter beers. And suppose you don’t go for dark ales at all—most of the usual suspects on the basic bar menu are designed to go with lighter, bubblier beer.

Augusta Brewing Company From the Source by

At Augusta Brewing Company in Labadie, Mo., husband-and-wife duo Terry and Jeri Heisler are keeping a family history alive by moving the brewery’s production operations from its current location to a facility in Washington, Mo., which has been in Jeri’s family for over a century.

Class of 2011: 22 of the Best New Breweries in the US Feature by

No one knows what lies ahead—but if these intrepid small-business owners are any indication, craft beer will be just fine. Here are just a few of the stories that made 2011 one of the best years for craft beer in the country’s history.

Creative Cash Feature by

Last year saw more craft beer start-ups than ever using creative funding methods to fill in the financial gap, with brewers often going directly to the public with their pleas.

Long Beach, California Destinations by

Only 20 miles south of downtown Los Angeles, however, the autonomous port city of a half-million people is worthy of note, if not for its status as the most ethnically diverse city in the country, then for its recent growth into one of Southern California’s newest craft beer hubs.

John Bexon, Head Brewer at Greene King Last Call by

So, how will the American experience affect one of the world’s most dominant breweries? Perhaps more profoundly than you might guess.