BeerAdvocate magazine #62

Join the Discussion! Beer Smack by

We’ve heard from both consumers and brewers alike: “I don’t get involved in discussion because of all of the negativity.” And we think that sucks.

Beer News News by

AB-InBev and MillerCoors want a piece of the apple cider pie; CAMRA Vancouver FUSS-ing over standardized pours; Belgium celebrates Trappist breweries; Oglala Sioux tribe suing brewers, wholesalers, retailers; and Virginia, Mississippi attempting to pass brew-friendly laws.

Celebrating Simplicity Unfiltered by

The craft beer market has experienced serious flux and now appears at a crossroads, one from which it’s difficult to forecast what will happen next.

Praising the Lord in His Ferment The Politics of Beer by

I just don’t get it with the almost hysterical popularity of the Westvleteren Brewery’s strongest beer, Westvleteren 12.

Books Shelf Talker by

Why we’re reading Beer for Dummies, 2nd Edition and using the Moleskine Beer Journal.

Not So Espresso BYOB by

Coffee and dark-roasted Stouts or Porters are a perfect marriage of flavors, but … screw expectations. Yes, the extract makes a great addition to a sweet Stout, but let’s have some fun! How about Jolted Toasted Oat Amber?

Paul Graham of Central Waters Brewing Company Going Pro by

To Paul Graham, who began working at Central Waters out of college before buying it from his old bosses, the brewery has adopted the attitude of the rural Wisconsin town where it’s headquartered.

Crimea Porter History by the Glass by

Wherever the British army went in the 19th century, beer was never far behind … and it was usually in the form of Porter. And when the British army invaded the Crimea in 1854, they got thirsty.

Track #2 by The Lost Abbey Label Approval by

The label design for Track #2 was created for the brewery’s series of beers inspired by rock anthems. The label started with Tomme Arthur’s idea to depict “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” by Guns N’ Roses, but morphed into Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven.”

Inciting the Hop Innovation by

While the general concept is similar to Randall the Enamel Animal, created by Dogfish Head, Peterson says the Hop Inciter 3000 is a completely different, well, animal.

Beer Pot Pies Cooking with Beer by

These English- and Irish-inspired pot pies evoke nostalgia with every bite. The flaky crust gives way to a rich, beer-infused filling, studded with vegetables, meat or fish—take your pick.

Take a Beercation This Spring Party-Gyle by

America has a rich brewing history too—here are a few itineraries that will help you explore it, in places with plenty of other fun things to do.

Moon River Brewing Company From the Source by

The Savannah, Ga., brewpub has a reputation as one of the more haunted locales in a town known for its ghost stories. Like those who fill the bar and dining room every week, they must like the beer.

The Golden Rule of Brewing Feature by

Goodwill among brewers doesn’t stop at the occasional tank or piece of advice. It’s an industry-wide culture that can be found at every stage—from conception of a brewery or beer to execution, to, yes, even consumption.

Prague, Czech Republic Destinations by

Beneath a fairytale skyline of spires, domes and towers, a modern city of industry and commerce sits upon cobblestone streets and ancient bridges. Prague is a maddening riddle.

Nicole Erny, Master Cicerone Last Call by

On December 16—her 28th birthday—Erny learned that she’d earned the title “Master Cicerone.” She’s the fourth and youngest person, and the first woman to pass the test.