BeerAdvocate magazine #75

BeerAdvocate Mobile Beta: Beta Testers Wanted Beer Smack by

For years, you waited, asked and demanded an app. Now, we’d like to invite you to help us test our first-ever official BeerAdvocate (BA) web app.

Beer News News by

Auburn University to offer a major in brewing science; Budweiser responds to suit alleging Bud “watered down” brews; Philadelphia sues Yuengling for $6.6 million in back taxes; a brewery expansion roundup; and Scottish brewery chastised by anti-alcohol groups over “breakfast beer.”

Craft Beer World: A Guide to Over 350 of the Finest Beers Known to Man Shelf Talker by

Why we’re reading Craft Beer World: A Guide to Over 350 of the Finest Beers Known to Man.

Oatmeal Flip Kindred Spirits by

Designed to pair with oatmeal cookie ice cream, this cocktail relies on Larkin’s Irish Stout from Providence’s Revival Brewing to make it dry, while also helping it become a rich and frothy dessert drink.

The Color of Beer Innovation by

Beertone is literally, the Pantone of beer—Pantone being the self-described worldwide standard language for color communication. What Pantone does for color on everything from coffee cups to clothes, Beertone does for beer color.

Midnight Ryder by Indeed Brewing Co. Label Approval by

The can design for Midnight Ryeder has garnered a great deal of attention since it was released in October 2012. Did someone hack into Teddy Roosevelt’s private self-portrait collection? Did Yellowstone Park plan on hosting a Steampunk festival that never got off the ground?

Extra Virgin Pale Ale: Why Some Brewers Have Tried Adding Olive Oil to Beer Zymology by

Over the last few years, there have been rumblings that olive oil can be added to beer instead of oxygen. Like milk fortifying our bones, yeast need oxygen to build strong cell walls. The idea is that olive oil contains oleic acid, an unsaturated fatty acid that could be enough to promote yeast growth.

“It’s Just Beer.” Unfiltered by

Debates over the seriousness of beer or how seriously to take it have long existed. Craft brewers have fought for decades to achieve a level of respect from consumers, the media and the public at large. The march toward respect for beer remains an ongoing process.

Pale Stout History by the Glass by

Pale Stout sounds like a contradiction in terms. But if Black India Pale Ale can exist, why not Pale Stout? Going back to the original meaning of Stout, it’s not as daft as it first appears. Stout only acquired its definition as a specific type of dark, hoppy beer in the early 19th century.

A Note on Saisons BYOB by

I first encountered Saison around 1997 at my local brewpub, and I’ve been deeply obsessed ever since. There isn’t nearly enough space in this column for all my thoughts on the style, but hopefully these notes on my brewing process will help make those notorious yeast strains work for you.

Let’s Do (Vegan) Beer Lunch Cooking with Beer by

Unless you are a meat eater, you may have never experienced the wonderful combination of flavors in the iconic Reuben sandwich. Use the smoky, almost meaty flavors of a Rauchbier or Smoked Porter to bring umami and flavor to tofu and re-create this classic meal.

Beer Brunch Party-Gyle by

Forget the waffle house—you can have a better, cheaper and longer brunch session in your own home. And whether ringing headaches are demanding hair-of-the-dog or it’s a perfectly healthy situation, getting a little buzz from beer or classic brunch cocktails is a pretty good way to ease into the weekend.

Aces & Ales in Las Vegas, Nevada Barkeep by

Aces & Ales is an oasis of sorts for people in the Capital of Second Chances looking to drink something beyond mass-produced macrobrews. And as Las Vegas’ craft scene has grown to four main breweries, Aces & Ales has been there to support them.

Scott Baer of Telegraph Brewing Company Going Pro by

Scott Baer began his brewing career in the tasting room, pouring pints at Santa Barbara, California’s Telegraph Brewing Company. He hustled his way into Telegraph’s brewhouse, and then into the brewery’s top spot, by never being content with what he knew.

Alpine Beer Company From the Source by

Alpine Beer Company looks like you might imagine a small brewery in a small mountain town might look. The location is unassuming, snuggled in tight next to a quaint bookstore. The scenery is Southern California in all its glory. This was a dream location when McIlhenny opened it in 2002.

Where to Drink in Raleigh, North Carolina Destinations by

When beer enthusiasts hear “North Carolina” these days, they probably think “Asheville.” But just behind the mountain town in its number of breweries, Raleigh plays host to a vast array of quality beer bars, specialty bottle shops and homebrew stores that also belong on any serious beer lover’s itinerary.

It’s 5-Percent Somewhere: American Brewing Off the Mainland Feature by

Many companies that make beer in offshore US locations want to grow and bring their local products to consumers on the mainland. And for breweries in Hawaii, the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, distributing bottled beers stateside sometimes means relying on the oft-debated practice of contract brewing.

Craft Beer in the Bible Belt: How Southern Beer Laws Are Stymying the Industry Feature by

Beyond alcohol limits, many Southern states struggle with taxes, breweries operating off-site brewpubs, various antiquated distribution woes, prohibitive homebrewing regulations and much more. But thanks to the region’s proactive beer makers and consumers, many of those laws are beginning to change.

Kevin Romeo, Creator and Director, The Michigan Beer Film Last Call by

Filmmaker Kevin Romeo is taking a deeper look at the beer culture in his home state, with his project, The Michigan Beer Film, slated to premiere in September, and produced by Romeo’s company, Rhino Media.