BeerAdvocate magazine #85

“Does This Dress Make Me Look Fat?” Beer Smack by

Why are so many people indirectly celebrating mediocrity by letting it pass as good beer simply because it’s craft, local, from someone they know, or a combination of all of the above?

Beer News News by

Nevada brewery-in-planning works with city government to simplify regulations; BrewNH shines the spotlight on New Hampshire beer; craft beer loses two pioneering spirits; after fire, Minhas Brewery to come back strong; and German breweries fined in price-fixing collusion.

The American Craft Beer Cookbook Shelf Talker by

John Holl, a seasoned journalist and current editor of All About Beer, compiled dozens of mouthwatering recipes from across the country to demonstrate the versatility and intense pleasure of beer as the ideal complement to food.

Hop Dog Kindred Spirits by

Freshly pressed grapefruit juice, gin and a medium-bodied Pale Ale come together to create Hop Dog, a refreshing cocktail with a hoppy twist.

MobCraft Innovation by

MobCraft works like this: Homebrewers submit their recipes, users vote on the top four recipes, and the winning recipe becomes a beer that’s shared with members.

Fat Julian Imperial Stout by Actual Brewing Label Approval by

Mira and Fred Lee of The Actual Brewing Co. were after a “dreamy science feel” for the label of Fat Julian, an Imperial Stout with chocolate.

Metulczki: A Painter of Beer in Leipzig, Germany For Love of the Craft by

Done in acrylic, the series of paintings employs the classical glaze technique, using multiple layers of both paint and shellac. The result is a sharp, photo-like painting of a brightly illuminated glass of beer that almost seems to be glowing.

Come Out From Behind Your Firewalls Unfiltered by

To be of value, constructive criticism must be offered in an identifiable manner, whether in person or online, not through protected and anonymous channels. It must be offered thoughtfully and sympathetically, in the spirit of a joint effort toward an improved experience.

Younger’s No. 3 History by the Glass by

Like all beers that have been brewed for a long period, No. 3 has undergone many changes. No. 3 is also a beer that’s refused to die, no matter what history has thrown at it. If you’re ever in Scotland, you should give it a try.

Chilled to Perfection BYOB by

What to do when your slaved-over Macadamia Nut Brittle Brown ends up as something more appropriately named “Nutty Mud Slide.” Fortunately, there are some simple tools to achieve clarity.

Italian Comfort Food: Risotto Cooking with Beer by

This dish is so simple—just some sautéed vegetables, a short-grain rice and really good stock. Enhance the umami flavors of a mushroom risotto by adding miso, soy sauce and Stout, or use a Belgian Tripel to add flavors of peppercorn and citrus to a crab risotto.

Craft Pride in Austin, Texas Barkeep by

There are plenty of places to eat along the dirt-path-framed expanse of Austin’s Rainey Street, not to mention the streets just off of it. Tacos, sausages, Indian food, burgers, noodles … the list goes mouthwateringly on. Makes sense, then, that Craft Pride has such a singular focus: Beer.

Jerry Gnagy of Against the Grain Brewery and Smokehouse Going Pro by

When Jerry Gnagy was brewing for somebody else, he’d only brew the beers he really wanted to brew when those beers fit around an established production schedule. Gnagy flipped that equation upside-down when he opened Against the Grain, the Louisville, Ky., brewpub he co-founded two years ago.

Bayou Teche Brewing From the Source by

Karlos Knott, co-founder of Bayou Teche Brewing in Arnaudville, La., says his team doesn’t consider Bayou Teche a craft brewery, but a “cultural brewery.” Every time he, his co-founding brothers and head brewer Gar Hatcher design a beer recipe, it has to fit in with Cajun south Louisiana food, music and language.

Where to Drink in Los Angeles, California Destinations by

The constellation of bars, gastropubs, taphouses and brewpubs that dot LA’s diverse neighborhoods is dedicated to making LA a premier craft beer city. Los Angeles already has the weather and the landscape, and now it increasingly has the perfect brews to pair with the picturesque environment.

Labor of Love: Pay, Benefits, and Safety in the Fast-Growing Brewing Industry Feature by

For craft brewery employees, passion often comes at a cost, as the industry strives to create competitive jobs. Enthusiastic homebrewers and beer connoisseurs trade pay, benefits, and comfort on the job for the chance to work in a fast-growing industry.

Jeremy Warren, Founder and Brewmaster, Knee Deep Brewing Co. Last Call by

Jeremy Warren was pretty sure he’d be studying active ingredients for a living—he just didn’t think lupulin would be one of them. Brewing replaced his idea of becoming a pharmaceutical salesman, much to the joy of hopheads everywhere.