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The Mystery of Barclay Perkins’ Sparkling Beer History by the Glass by

Not only was Barclay’s innovative in lager brewing, it was also one of the first breweries to start canning. And there was one beer where these two acts of daring combined: Sparkling Beer.

An Uncanny Invention for Home Canning BYOB by

Thanks to canning technology aimed at homebrewers, the ability to crack open a crushable homebrew is now within reach.

Dance the Can-Can: Canning a Homebrewed Saison BYOB by

How to homebrew a Saison inspired by figolla, a Maltese Easter cookie made with almond paste, orange, and lemon.

Small Breweries Struggle With Can Supply Challenges News by

As more breweries choose cans, often at minimum quantities, the three can producers—Colorado’s Ball Corp., London’s Rexam and Pennsylvania’s Crown Cork & Seal—are struggling with an influx of new orders.

Jenn Coyle, CEO of The Can Van Last Call by

Three years after Jenn Coyle co-founded The Can Van with three fellow MBA students, mobile canning has “almost become trendy,” she says. In July 2014 they canned more volume in the first half of the month than they did in their entire first year of business.

Mobile Canning Innovation by

For many breweries, canning is easier said than done. Much like a mobile bottling line, mobile canning lines provide all the necessary equipment, supplies and know-how, so brewers can focus on what they do best: brewing.

Beer News News by

Drone to drop beer to concertgoers; Alabama passes bill legalizing homebrewing; Modern Times Brewing sets Kickstarter record; more breweries switch up containers; and Oregon votes to designate brewer’s yeast “Official State Microbe.”

Nice Package: Craft Beer and the Container Industry Feature by

Switching from the once-ubiquitous brown bottles to cans may have been novel nine years ago, but today, it’s just one way craft brewers are reexamining their relationship with the container industry in hopes of shaving costs and putting better beer on the shelves.

From the Brewery to You Feature by

Over the years, brewers have come up with four basic types of packaging—casks, bottles, kegs and cans. Each type of package protects beer in different ways, and can cause the beer to taste quite different.

Support Craft Beer in Cans Advocate This by

Canning is something worthy of our collective support.

Beer to be Thankful For Unfiltered by

From modest, ambitious, even naïve origins, the beer industry has seen incredible changes in the short lifespan of better beer.

Beer News News by

The end of cardboard beer coasters?; Atlantic Brewing acquires Bar Harbor Brewing; Kirin seeks to acquire Lion Nathan’s; Maine’s changing growler laws; A beery economic stimulus; Dogfish Head begins expansion process; and Red Stripe to can.

Do I Come to Your Office and Drink a Beer? Last Call by

Rob Leonard of the New England Brewing Co. discusses his love for beer people, especially those happy, helpful volunteers.