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Where to Drink in Glasgow, Scotland Destinations by

Glasgow is currently coming into its own, with a growing reputation as one of the friendliest cities in Great Britain—as well as one of the most entertaining places to drink and eat.

The Surprising History of the Session IPA History by the Glass by

Scottish and English brewing records from over a century ago reveal a surprising number of low-ABV hoppy beers that look a lot like today’s trendy Session IPAs.

60 Shilling Ale History by the Glass by

Untangling the origins of Scottish 60 Shilling Ale and the now virtually extinct style’s transformation over time.

The Belgian Highlands BYOB by

Belgium was wrecked after WWI. It was enough to drive citizens to drink, but in 1919 the Belgian government passed the Vandervelde Act banning the sale of distilled spirits.

Younger’s No. 3 History by the Glass by

Like all beers that have been brewed for a long period, No. 3 has undergone many changes. No. 3 is also a beer that’s refused to die, no matter what history has thrown at it. If you’re ever in Scotland, you should give it a try.

Scottish Shilling Ales History by the Glass by

Scottish Shilling Ales are beers designated by that peculiar Scottish system of naming based on price rather than type. But what is the history of these beers, and how do they fit into the constellation of British styles?

Beer News News by

More celebrities collaborating with craft brewers; Coors causes controversy at Puerto Rican celebration; malfunctioning beer fridge responsible for Australian cellular network blackout; TTB opens door for beer, wine, spirits to add nutrition labels; and BrewDogs set to air Scottish founders’ hijinx on US TV this fall.

Table Beer History by the Glass by

In the 18th century, there were three tax classes in England (in descending order of strength): Strong, Table and Small. The definition of these classes was very simple, as it was based on the wholesale price.

Beer News News by

Auburn University to offer a major in brewing science; Budweiser responds to suit alleging Bud “watered down” brews; Philadelphia sues Yuengling for $6.6 million in back taxes; a brewery expansion roundup; and Scottish brewery chastised by anti-alcohol groups over “breakfast beer.”

Scottish Sweet Stout History by the Glass by

What’s Scotland’s most distinctive type of beer? Scotch Ale, Scottish Ale or Shilling Ale? Actually, it’s none of those; it’s Scottish Sweet Stout. Stout isn’t most people’s first thought when Scottish beer is mentioned, but there’s a long history of brewing Stout in Caledonia.

Alloa Ale History by the Glass by

London, Burton, Edinburgh: Britain’s key brewing towns. But one name is missing. The forgotten great of British beer: Alloa, renowned for its ales and Pale Ales.

Colin Valentine, Chairman, Campaign for Real Ale Last Call by

The UK-based organization CAMRA champions the sale of cask-conditioned “real ale.” And every year, Edinburgh-native and CAMRA chairman Colin Valentine crosses the pond to attend the New England Real Ale Exhibition.

On Falling Off The Politics of Beer by

Tim Webb reflects on his beer-cycle journey that was abruptly cut short.

The Length of Britain in 80 Beers The Politics of Beer by

Tim Webb sets off on his cycling journey across the UK.

Why We Do What We Do Last Call by

James Watt and Martin Dickie of BrewDog are foot soldiers in the fight for craft beer awareness.

Martin Dickie Going Pro by

BrewDog Brewery commands a global audience from a tiny outpost on Scotland’s northeast coast. Its beers have inflamed critics and ignited a debate about what beer in the UK can and should be.

Scotch Ale: Malty and Strong, But Hardly “Wee” Style Profile by

Strong enough to shake the cold off a misty bog—that is Scotch Ale.

Nine Great Beer Towns You Didn’t Know Were Great Beer Towns Feature by

Go beyond the mega-breweries and discover some lower-key destinations where beer is part and parcel of the local culture.