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For Retailers and Consumers, Variety Wins News by

As craft beer’s influence in convenience and larger chain stores grows, so has the availability of variety packs. In 2014, variety packs were up 21 percent by volume in retail sales.

Progress and a New Order: Taking Cues from the US, Brazilian Brewers Forge Ahead Feature by

For the last five years, in spite of high taxes and long shipping times, American beers have found their way into the hands of curious Brazilian drinkers and motivated Brazilian brewers.

Beer News News by

New York’s brewers & wholesalers scrambled by Hurricane Sandy; brewers increasingly skeptic about plastic kegs; North American Breweries sold to Cervecería Costa Rica; Minneapolis brewers embattled in trademark dispute; and C&C Group purchases Vermont Hard Cider for $305 Million.

Autumnation by Sixpoint Label Approval by

For many consumers, it was Sixpoint’s reputation for stellar beers that drew them in. Novelty probably also played a role. But neither would mean nearly as much if the wraps weren’t so elegantly designed.

Charitable Brewing Feature by

Brewers and breweries have long done more to benefit society than harm it. In ages when drinking water was often contaminated, brewing was a practical science that provided townspeople with something safe to drink. Centuries later, brewers are still working hard to make a positive impact on their communities.

Shane Welch, Founder and Brewmaster, Sixpoint Craft Ales Last Call by

Ask Shane Welch a hypothetical question, and enjoy the ride—the founder of Brooklyn’s SixPoint Craft Ales is most comfortable playing in the world of ideas.

Three Threads Three Threads by

Mike Stevens, Shane Welch and Greg Koch weigh in on current craft beer prices, and how they affect the consumer.

Beer News News by

Cascade launches a renewable brew; US craft brewers grow; Miller dabbles in “lite” craft beers; Vermont rethinks drinking age; Bud Light Lime is born; and “Hop Obama” could divide versus unite.

New York Destinations by

When in the big city, where to drink to avoid being overwhelmed by hordes of tourists and staggeringly mediocre beer selections? Let us show you.

Free-form Brewing Unfiltered by

The free-form movement seeks to overthrow the way brewers categorize their beers. Eschewing the restrictions of traditionalism, these free-form brewers want to change the way people think about tasting beer.

You Want Style? I’ll Give You Style Last Call by

As a professional brewer, I often find myself in this situation: I hand someone a sample of my beer, they taste it, and they become delighted and curious. The next comment is, “I really like this beer. What style is it?”