BeerAdvocate magazine #53

How to Be a Beer Fest Pro Beer Smack by

These beer fest survival tips could mean the difference between having an epic time… and a “fail” time.

Beer News News by

George Washington’s beer recipe discovered, brewed; California hops held up by Secret Service; two proposed Texas beer laws killed; and Stone announces $26.6 million expansion plans.

Thinking Small Unfiltered by

Despite recent headlines, American beer culture has a long way to go before lower-alcohol drinking gains a true foothold.

This Month’s Thoughts, In Brief The Politics of Beer by

Bad Language Back in 1972, the oddly named Campaign for the Revitalisation of Ale decided it preferred the word “real” to describe its preferred forms of ale. To this day, UK media still use the word “real” to distinguish the authentic and elite from the mass produced and fake. A few years later, the Belgians

Rise of the Brewbot BYOB by

Eschewing the usual three-vessel deal, the BrewBot is a “Brew-In-A-Bag” system that only requires one pot and a big mesh container that holds and strains the grain. Think the world’s largest tea bag.

Evan Klein and Craig Frymark of Barrier Brewing Company Going Pro by

The guys at Barrier Brewing Company don’t think of themselves as nanobrewers. They’re just brewers who happen to be producing beers at the ridiculous rate of two kegs per batch.

Broyhan History by the Glass by

A few hundred years as North Germany’s favorite beer, yet it’s disappeared virtually without a trace. What was it exactly, and why has it been so thoroughly forgotten?

Keeping Tabs on Beer: There’s an App for That Innovation by

Meet Joshua Patterson and Chris Spencer of Tap Leap Software, the creators of Brew Vault, an iPhone app that helps beer aficionados track and manage their beer cellars.

Books Shelf Talker by

Why we’re reading Beer Craft: A Simple Guide to Making Great Beer and Bread, Beer & the Seeds of Change: Agriculture’s Imprint on World History.

Creating a Mashed Potato Bar Cooking with Beer by

Make a mashed potato bar that has a few of the classic potato accoutrements, and then add beer cuisine sauces and additional items to make your next get-together something really special.

Crow Peak Brewing From the Source by

Thanks to Jeff Drumm, South Dakotans have been drinking beer brewed in their home state for the first time since 1942.

No Sweat: The Construction of the Coaster Industry Feature by

In the early ’90s, two things happened: the rise of microbreweries, which started releasing their own “breweriana” into the coaster-sphere… and the internet. That’s when the “tegestologist,” or coaster collector, community really blew up.

Bologna, Italy Destinations by

Because the beer culture is still so young, finding quality local beer can be a real hassle if you don’t know where to look. Yet hidden behind the scenes, in between all the wine bars, osterias and pizzerias, there are some great spots to sit down and have a pint.

Jeremy Cowan, Founder, Shmaltz Brewing Co. Last Call by

He’s the face of Shmaltz Brewing out of San Francisco, but he travels tirelessly, pouring his own beers at festivals and bringing his signature brand of smart humor to the industry.