BeerAdvocate magazine #57

“Our Sources Say …” Beer Smack by

Most save their predictions for December and January, but we wound up channeling our beer spirit guides a bit early.

Beer News News by

Long Trail lends a hand to citizens in need; brewers throughout the Northeastern US cope with floods; can extra bubbles give Foster’s a lift?; Yuengling expands distribution to the Buckeye State; and the world’s strongest fermented beer, fresh from a deer.

Saving Oktoberfest Unfiltered by

Perhaps the world’s quintessential and most iconic beer event, the original beer festival now largely masquerades as a beer-selling bonanza for massive, foreign-owned corporate behemoths.

Tiny Cracks Appearing The Politics of Beer by

The Germans have discovered the nanobrewery. These nanobreweries consist of a tiny kit, typically operating in a cellar, kitchen or shed, in which beer is made in tiny runs of as little as 50 liters a go, for commercial sale.

Books Shelf Talker by

Why we’re reading The Oxford Companion to Beer and The Belgian Beerkitchen: 70 Belgian Beerrecipes

In All Things, Simplicity BYOB by

Don’t rush into making “Mega Imperial Stout with Chocolate Espresso Cherries and Szechuan Peppercorns” before you understand your surroundings. You and your beer will be better for it.

Doug Dozark of Peg’s Cantina Going Pro by

During the day, Doug Dozark runs production for Cigar City Brewing. And when he’s not working the production line, he’s in Gulfport, Fla., churning out beers in 35-gallon batches for the family restaurant.

Double Brown Ale History by the Glass by

The first modern Brown Ale, brewed by Manns of London, appeared just before 1900. Only after World War I did the style really take off. In the 1920s, most other London brewers introduced their own.

Autumnation by Sixpoint Label Approval by

For many consumers, it was Sixpoint’s reputation for stellar beers that drew them in. Novelty probably also played a role. But neither would mean nearly as much if the wraps weren’t so elegantly designed.

Buh-Bye, Chalkboard Beer List Innovation by

Thanks to a self-proclaimed “computer nerd,” the tap list board has become a lot more high tech—and can not only tell the customer what’s being poured, but can help give the pub owner insight into his or her clients’ beer preferences.

Mexican Oktoberfest Cooking with Beer by

It’s hard not to notice that Mexican beer styles originated from Germany. So this year, for Oktoberfest, I wondered what it would be like to try putting a Hispanic twist on traditional German cuisine. Here’s how to celebrate this year’s Oktoberfest with a Mexican flare.

The Great Pumpkin Party Party-Gyle by

Here’s a solution for the skeptical fall pumpkin beer party-pooper. Host a soirée with a handful of craft pumpkin brews. Cook up a variety of dishes that focus on just that winter squash, and have some other fun, seasonal activities to pair it all with.

Right Brain Brewery From the Source by

American brewers have never exactly been constrained by German purity laws, but founder/owner Russ Springsteen and head brewer Corey Wentworth are taking experimentation and extreme beer to new heights in Traverse City, Mich., at Right Brain Brewery.

Holy Water: What Do Craft Beer and Born-Again Christianity Have in Common? Feature by

Beer and religion have walked hand in hand for thousands of years, from ritualistic brewing in ancient Turkey to the Trappist monasteries of Belgium. And just like born-again Christianity rose from the ashes of burned-out spiritual lives, so did craft emerge from a beer culture that had pretty much dried up.

Akron, Ohio Destinations by

Slowly, but very surely, Akron is coming into its own as a beer town, with more establishments offering craft beers and Akron’s own breweries starting to emerge. It’s also worth noting—with appropriate irony—that Akron is the birthplace of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Andy Thomas, President of Commercial Operations, Craft Brewers Alliance Last Call by

Andy Thomas spent 12 years at Heineken International, where he held the reins as president and CEO of Heineken USA from 2005–2007. Then he surprised everyone when he accepted the position of president of the Craft Brewers Alliance.