BeerAdvocate magazine #61

Are You a Beer Snob? Beer Smack by

Beer geeks, enthusiasts, connoisseurs. They’re all the same, more or less, but unfortunately, far too many confuse these passionate types as being “beer snobs.” Even worse, some label themselves as beer snobs.

Beer News News by

Crowdfunding enables completion of documentary; Alchemy & Science announces first craft beer venture in Los Angeles; NY breweries receive marketing boost ; St. Louis Brewery to sell 60 percent stake; and study reveals beers labeled ‘gluten-free’ may be full of it.

Redefining Local Unfiltered by

If 2011 was a year for celebrating a return to local beer, 2012 will be a year when consumers and brewers seek to redefine what local really means. This past year saw dozens of breweries, including many well-known names, retreat to their home markets due to supply issues.

Beer Needs to Learn to Behave The Politics of Beer by

Beer didn’t always take a back seat to wine. In the 19th century, British brewers were powerful people. The ales that made us famous, such as Porter, Strong Stout and India Pale Ale, ruled export markets every bit as much as Britannia ruled the waves.

Books Shelf Talker by

Why we’re reading Homebrewed Beers & Stouts: Full Instructions for all Types of Classic Beers and Craft Beer Bar Mitzvah.

Kiwi Lager BYOB by

New Zealand’s nascent craft brew scene is just beginning to impact hop development and thus most of the older kiwi hops are still primed for lager styles. Our recipe this month is a lager spin on my single-hop test beer.

Kevin Brand of (512) Brewing Company Going Pro by

Austin’s (512) Brewing Company was founded in 2007, at the front end of a wave of new brewery openings in the Texas capital. The brewery has benefited both from Austin’s thirst for local product and from its burgeoning community of brewers.

Salvator History by the Glass by

Nowadays, it’s the brand name of Paulaner’s Doppelbock … but once, “Salvator” was the name of a style, brewed across Bavaria and beyond.

Cockeyed Cooper by Unita Label Approval by

Coming up on its 20th anniversary, Uinta decided it needed a makeover. So between 2010 and 2011, they turned to local artists to redesign their logo and labels.

Hold Everything! Innovation by

Both bottle carrier designs allow you to walk into your favorite bottle shop, brewery or tap house with a sturdy, reusable holder, so you can bring your beers home or to any event in classic style and without worrying about them dropping out of flimsy cardboard cartons.

Beer Ramen Cooking with Beer by

Good, quality ramen is not hard to make at home. This dish offers any chef the opportunity to be creative with all the possible variations that can be conjured up … and, of course, it is great with beer.

Beat the Winter Blues with a Fiesta Party-Gyle by

For a February fiesta, the perfect beers to pair with tacos, tapas, spicy fried food, and to mix into your cocktails.

Spring House Brewing Company From the Source by

In 2006, when Matt Keasey opened the doors to the Spring House brewery—which is located in the barn on his property outside the city limits—he learned a valuable lesson about just how magnetic beer can be.

Graphic Content: Craft Brewers Step Up Their Branding Feature by

Just like there is no typical craft beer, there seems to be no typical craft logo. And with the ongoing proliferation of craft breweries in the US, branding is becoming both more crucial and more impressive than ever before.

So Bad, It’s Good: Crazy Ed’s Cave Creek Chili Beer Feature by

Shortly after Michael Jackson’s ill-fated visit, Ed Chilleen concocted possibly the most despised beer of all time: Crazy Ed’s Cave Creek Chili Beer.

Providence, Rhode Island Destinations by

A connective spirit has fired up the Rhode Island craft beer scene; bars and bottle shops have revamped their offerings, happily joining the craft beer revolution. The following beer venues will keep a visitor busy for a long stay or multiple weekend trips.

Sam Calagione, Incoming Chairman of the Board of Directors, Brewers Association Last Call by

On a recent visit to the Dogfish Head brewpub, the BeerAdvocate team got to talk shop with Calagione. The consensus? “Ask not what beer can do for you, but what you can do for beer.”