BeerAdvocate magazine #69

Polarized Beer Geeks Beer Smack by

Beer is the ultimate social lubricant. It brings people together no matter who they are or what they believe. Unfortunately, America’s polarized political landscape has spilled into our beer.

Beer News News by

Study claims glassware shape affects drinking speed; White House releases homebrew recipes; North American Breweries reportedly for sale; Carlton & United learns not to mess with success; and Pennsylvania craft brew pioneer Tom Pastorius passes away.

The World Atlas of Beer: The Essential Guide to the Beers of the World Shelf Talker by

Why we’re reading The World Atlas of Beer: The Essential Guide to the Beers of the World.

Emily’s Folie Kindred Spirits by

In Emily’s Folie, an after-dinner cocktail, a sour beer combines with peach brandy, cognac and honey to create the flavor of a peach tart.

Creating a Cooler Koozie Innovation by

While they don’t look much like the original koozies, BeerHugZ are still built with the mission of keeping your bottle or can of beer cold and your hand warm.

Monsters by Alchemic Ale Label Approval by

Tim Leanse and Sam Rowell, of Noble Union Imports, are combining their multifarious jobs to create Alchemic Ale, a series that pairs beers with original artwork. Each beer in the series is released in earthenware, 750-millileter bottles screenprinted with an artist’s work.

Where There’s Water, Beer Can Flow Brick & Mortar by

Arthur Farley considered this relationship between water and beer while scouting a location for his Brasserie St. James brewpub in Reno, Nev. He decided on the old Crystal Springs Water building in Midtown. The kicker? The artesian well 300 feet below the building.

The Craft Beer Middle Class Unfiltered by

We do not hear much about a middle class, those mainly regional brewers slogging it out in the trenches day after day. These mid-sized breweries, which make 15 to 20,000 barrels or more and distribute in only a small number of states, are the bishops and knights of the craft beer chess game, crucial to the industry’s performance.

Britain’s First Lager History by the Glass by

Britain was a latecomer to the lager party. Everyone knows that. But the story is more complicated—and goes back further—than you might imagine. Lager made two arrivals in Britain, each some 30 years apart.

Real Ale, Real Cheap BYOB by

American brewers have made a history of eschewing tradition. Damn the torpedos—more hops, more alcohol, more flavor, more everything. But there are some elements of tradition that maybe we should revive during this holiday season, like real ale.

Beer Caramels Cooking with Beer by

This caramel recipe takes a candy idea, adds beer, some salt, and other sophisticated flavors, while preserving the nostalgic childhood excitement of unwrapping those cellophane Brach’s caramels on Halloween night.

All Hallows’ Beer Party-Gyle by

Whether you love or hate Halloween, you’re doubtless going to be asked to participate in some way. Anyone can find something to like about the holiday, no matter how opposed you may think you are. Here’s a party formula that no one can resist: fun, scary movies and very good beer.

APEX in Portland, Oregon Barkeep by

Aside from the gargantuan outdoors space, which is perfect for Portland’s temperate climate and encourages barflies to bring in their own food, APEX has pinball machines, walls lined with beer labels, and relatively inexpensive, interesting drafts on impeccably clean lines.

Gordon Schuck of Funkwerks Going Pro by

Gordon Schuck didn’t plan on jumping from brewing at home to running his own production facility. But when Schuck, a decorated homebrewer, got out of the Siebel Institute and returned to his native Colorado in 2009, he opened up Funkwerks with Siebel classmate Brad Lincoln, and brought Belgian farmhouse traditions to the high plains.

Millstream Brewing Co. From the Source by

In the small village of Amana, Iowa, tucked among historical sites and artisans’ shops, Millstream Brewing Company is quietly churning out some of the finest beer in the region. Millstream’s portfolio is heavy on the German beers, like the seasonal German Pilsner and widely popular Oktoberfest, but also drifts into the realm of experimental brewing.

Jersey City, New Jersey Destinations by

Jersey City hasn’t always been a craft beer town—more of a “beer and a stab” town, a phrase used by beat cops during the rougher years. These days though, craft beer bars are popping up on every corner, and events organized by the local homebrew club aren’t hard to come by either.

Alaska Brewed Feature by

A state of stunning landscapes and untamed wilderness, Alaska is often forgotten when surveying America’s craft beer boom. But from breweries approaching two decades in business to those that just celebrated their first anniversary, great beer and great people can be found in every Alaskan city.

Tomme Arthur, Co-founder, The Lost Abbey and Port Brewing Last Call by

In a 2008 Last Call column Tomme Arthur condemned eBay’s alcohol sales policy, which prohibits private sales of all alcohol—except beer. Efforts by Arthur have resulted in eBay removing several beers from auction, but not all of them.