BeerAdvocate magazine #77

Get Out of My Beer! Beer Smack by

Try broadcasting what you’re drinking and see what happens. Depending on the beer in hand, cries of “Why?!” and other forms of pointless bashing will no doubt ensue from misled beer snobs who believe their palates are better than yours.

Beer News News by

Drone to drop beer to concertgoers; Alabama passes bill legalizing homebrewing; Modern Times Brewing sets Kickstarter record; more breweries switch up containers; and Oregon votes to designate brewer’s yeast “Official State Microbe.”

The Audacity of Hops: The History of America’s Craft Beer Revolution Shelf Talker by

Thanks to Tom Acitelli, those fraught moments that compose craft beer’s ascension have been preserved forever in the book The Audacity of Hops.

Galangal Root Shandy Kindred Spirits by

A syrup made with honey and leftover galangal root from a homemade stir-fry night adds flavor to Hell, an unfiltered Helles lager from Surly Brewing Co.

Hermetus Bottle Opener & Resealer Innovation by

The real beauty in this beast is the other half of the dual-purpose device. Flip the Hermetus over, and the rubbery panel creates a seal so unyielding, you can even turn the bottle on its side and it doesn’t leak.

Pale Ale by Parizan Brewing Label Approval by

At London’s Partizan Brewing, each label starts with the same idea—characters and objects shaping letters that spell the name of the beer, a technique that’s been part of artist Alec Doherty’s work for a while.

Riding Billboards: Beer and Cycling Cultures Draft Picks by

Breweries who go ahead with designing and selling their own jerseys have had success with a targeted audience. Many craft drinkers are cyclists, runners and outdoor enthusiasts.

The Game Changer Unfiltered by

IPA wasn’t always a thing. During the early days of the Great American Beer Festival, the event’s much-lauded tasting competition didn’t even include the style. Brewers didn’t make it and probably didn’t even know what it was.

Table Beer History by the Glass by

In the 18th century, there were three tax classes in England (in descending order of strength): Strong, Table and Small. The definition of these classes was very simple, as it was based on the wholesale price.

I Fought the Law, and the Law … BYOB by

If there’s any blessing that the odd endeavor of homebrewing has enjoyed, it’s been the law’s disinterest in pursuing legal action against such ragged misfits. However, with homebrewing and craft beer’s rise in popularity, the state’s unblinking gaze increasingly falls on our efforts.

Mediterranean Beer Cuisine Cooking with Beer by

Mediterranean cuisine is full of bright and bold flavors: lemon, garlic, herbs, yogurt, beans, grains and vegetables. These diverse regional ingredients pair exceptionally well with hoppy beers, which enhance those herbal Mediterranean flavors.

Here for the Beer: 4 Great Summer Getaways Party-Gyle by

Maine, Denver, Seattle or Philly, here are four craft beer-infused itineraries for a vacation that you can really use.

Bottlecraft Beer Shop & Tasting Room in San Diego Barkeep by

In the spirit of the gallery district, Bottlecraft has original artwork throughout the shop. Beers featured in their special flight offerings are also displayed as art, lined up on small wooden shelves.

Ted Rice of Marble Brewery Going Pro by

Ted Rice bounced from New York to California to Miami before finding himself as a brewer in New Mexico. Things clicked for him after he fell in with a robust community of pros and homebrewers. Together, they’re pushing what Rice calls “a Southwestern regional flavor.”

Throwback Brewery From the Source by

Located in North Hampton, N.H., Throwback strives to source as many of its ingredients from local farms as possible. That includes using locally grown hops, malt and adjuncts.

Where to Drink in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Destinations by

Pittsburgh has always been a brewing town. Not unlike a great many other US cities, much of its original brewing culture came from an influx of immigrants from Germany and Eastern Europe, who congregated in tight-knit neighborhoods and adapted their traditional brewing practices to our shores.

How Homebrewing Bridged Three Generations Feature by

I didn’t need homebrewing and a love of craft beer to bring my son and me closer together, but because he suggested we make Wheaton’s Own Going To California Pale Ale, he ended up giving me the best Father’s Day gift of all time: something that brought me closer to my own dad.

Jenny Shank, Author of “Welcome to My Nanobrewery” Last Call by

In the narrative, Jenny Shank, a self-reported non-beer geek, gives craft brewers a gentle (and hilarious) ribbing … so we decided to ask her what was up with that.