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Mississippi Rising: Long Limited by Restrictive Laws, Magnolia State Breweries Finally See Promise Feature by

In 2011 there was just one craft brewery in Mississippi. Today, the state ranks 51st in breweries per capita. We set out on a four-day road trip to learn more about the young beer scene.

February 2017 News: TTB Eases Regulations, Tenn. Raises ABV Limit, Wynwood Sells to CBA, and France Resumes Monastic Brewing News by

TTB eases tax regulations on brewers; Tennessee raises ABV limit to 10.1 percent; Craft Brew Alliance buys stake in Miami’s Wynwood Brewing; and monastic brewing returns to France.

Beer News News by

Restaurateur plans to open Rwanda’s first local brewery; first US brewery medals in German-style Pilsner at European awards; changes in Oklahoma and Pennsylvania benefit beer drinkers; and Night Shift Brewery launches own wholesaler.

Ben Green of Southern Prohibition Brewing Going Pro by

At Southern Prohibition in Hattiesburg, Miss., brewmaster Ben Green is helping to build a new beer culture, oriented around bold flavors in everything from hoppy ales to barrel-aged sours.

Beer News News by

Ancient brewing equipment found in China; 14 breweries leave Colorado Brewers Guild; Walmart launches beer brand; and a roundup of legislation passed in Alabama, Idaho, and Ohio.

Where to Drink in Reykjavík, Iceland Destinations by

Despite Iceland’s late entrance to the global brewing revolution, the country has hastily made up for lost time, and Reykjavík is the center of the action.

Lazy Magnolia Brewing Company: Mississippi’s Craft Pioneer From the Source by

Mark and Leslie Henderson founded Lazy Magnolia to bring better beer to their home state. Although Mississippi now has 10 breweries statewide, theirs was the first packaging brewery to carry the torch for craft brewing, and did so for seven years under previously restrictive state regulations.

Mahogany Bar in Hattiesburg, Mississippi Barkeep by

The Mahogany Bar’s lineup of 42 taps includes a wide mix of styles with more than 15 local beers like Crooked Letter Mystery Romp mocha Porter and Southern Prohibition Crowd Control, alongside plenty of bigger regional, national and international brands.

Where to Drink in Hattiesburg, Mississippi Destinations by

In 2005, when John Neal opened the Keg and Barrel bar in Hattiesburg, Miss., restrictive laws forbade homebrewing and capped the ABV of every beer brewed and sold in the state at 6.25 percent.

Jason Malone of Good People Brewing Company Going Pro by

When Good People first launched in Birmingham, Ala., in 2008, the brewery was somewhat constrained—by Alabama’s legal restrictions on brewing, and by what they thought the market could handle. But things are changing.

Proposed Legislation Aims to Lift Ohio ABV Cap to 21 Percent News by

In Ohio, the outlook is favorable for a proposed bill that would lift the state’s current alcohol-by-volume cap from 12 percent to 21 percent. A similar bill failed in 2011, but this version has bipartisan support from 21 legislators.

Craft Beer in the Bible Belt: How Southern Beer Laws Are Stymying the Industry Feature by

Beyond alcohol limits, many Southern states struggle with taxes, breweries operating off-site brewpubs, various antiquated distribution woes, prohibitive homebrewing regulations and much more. But thanks to the region’s proactive beer makers and consumers, many of those laws are beginning to change.

Millstream Brewing Co. From the Source by

In the small village of Amana, Iowa, tucked among historical sites and artisans’ shops, Millstream Brewing Company is quietly churning out some of the finest beer in the region. Millstream’s portfolio is heavy on the German beers, like the seasonal German Pilsner and widely popular Oktoberfest, but also drifts into the realm of experimental brewing.

Lazy Magnolia Brewing Co. From the Source by

It is illegal in Massachusetts to bring a beer to a patient in a hospital. In Texas, drinking more than three sips of beer at a time while standing is against the law. There are scores of pointless, strange edicts on the books, but the good people of Mississippi aren’t laughing about a particular law regulating

Beer News News by

AB-InBev and MillerCoors want a piece of the apple cider pie; CAMRA Vancouver FUSS-ing over standardized pours; Belgium celebrates Trappist breweries; Oglala Sioux tribe suing brewers, wholesalers, retailers; and Virginia, Mississippi attempting to pass brew-friendly laws.

Zion Canyon Brewing Company From the Source by

In Springdale, Utah, at the entrance of the glorious Zion Canyon National Park, lies a small brewery that works with an eye toward connecting man and nature through beer.

Matt Nadeau of Rock Art Brewery Going Pro by

In 14 years, Rock Art Brewery has moved from a cramped residential basement to a sparkling new production facility in Morrisville, Vt.

Will Hamill of Uinta Brewing Company Going Pro by

Will Hamill has one foot in each faction of the craft brewing community. He built Uinta Brewing Company on the strength of solid, approachable session beers, and he’s also cranking out giant specialty recipes.

Beer News News by

Philadelphia brewpubs raided by police; Moosehead, Boston Beer Company ink distribution deal; A-B InBev bid for distributor blocked by Illinois; and Iowa, Oklahoma become friendlier to craft brewing.

Beer News News by

Sierra Nevada helps create fuel from yeast; Bill Brand passes away; BEER act arrives; Molson creates mega mural for Olympic Games; Oregon tax law; Debate still brewing over Alabama’s beer laws.

Founding Brew: Rebuilding America’s Relationship with Beer Feature by

Looking back, we survey a country where beer was once the agitator of rebellion and omnipresent companion to social discourse. Behind us is the mass industrialization of beer, but also the craft explosion; ahead of us—possibilities.

Vermont Brewers Push to Pop Their Cap Advocate This by

Recently, brewers in Vermont are making what’s hopefully a final push to raise the bar for better beer options and sales in their state, and many feel that it’s about damn time.

Mississippians for Economic and Beverage Advancement Advocate This by

BeerAdvocates and Mississippians are taking action by fighting for their right to obtain better beer options.

Free the Hops in Alabama Advocate This by

’Bama’s not only one of four states in the US that still has an alcohol-content cap on beer, but it’s also the only state with a beer-container limit.